Sample Statements for Resumes


 Safely use tools to build, fix or maintain ______________________________________
 Eager to try new things and a quick learner
 Work well within groups and independently
 Provide customers with prompt service
 Greet customers in a friendly and welcoming manner
 Safely and efficiently operate food service equipment such as grills and coffee machines
 Request additional information or ask questions when necessary to complete tasks or projects
 Manage time effectively to meet deadlines
 Able to follow instructions and directions in order to complete projects or assignments
 Confidently operate a computer and knowledgeable of the following programs: _______
 Strong Science and Math student
 Consistently complete projects on time or ahead of schedule
 Able to design posters, draw cartoons and illustrations
 Creatively express myself through music poetry or art
 Use computers to create presentations
 Confidently perform, act or dance to present artistic ideas
 Perform competitively when necessary
 Effectively and efficiently plan and arrange meetings and social functions
 Able to help teach or explain things to others
 Successfully plan activities and put them into action
 Able to follow recipes to create meals and snacks
 Work well with others under sometimes busy or stressful situations
 Effectively operate a cash register, make change and balance the day’s receipts
 Knowledgeable of health and safety regulations related to selling food to the public
 Effectively manage store inventory
 Communicate well with people of all ages
 Follow directions and stick with tasks until they are finished
 Work well with little or no supervision
 Eager to take courses or additional training in order to develop new skills
 Follow established workplace rules and guidelines
 Learn quickly and have a good memory for details
 Adapt well to changing requirements and information
 Thorough and pay close attention to details
 Demonstrated leadership ability
 Take responsibility for my actions and solution oriented
 Manage time well and can concentrate on multiple projects at once
 Understand many different points of view and have excellent problem solving skills
 Methodical and have strong organizational skills
 Have a flair for design and fashion
 Task-oriented and focused on completing projects well
 Precise and analytical in dealing with problems
 Manage money well and make a monthly budget
 Able to check information for accuracy
 Enjoy helping and caring for others
 Successfully resolve conflicts and come up with new solutions to problems
 Skilled in operating the following tools and equipment: __________________________
 Self-motivated and able to work with little direction
 Familiar with operating a photocopier, fax machine and scanner
 Type efficiently ( _ #__ wpm) and with accuracy
 Demonstrate excellent customer service skills
 Confidently install computer software and hardware
 Proven ability to design and layout web pages using the following programs: _________
 Work cooperatively with others in order to complete projects and accomplish goals
 Valid Class 5 driver’s license and able to drive both automatic and manual transmission
 Persevere on tedious and repetitive tasks
 Excellent mathematical ability and problem solving skills
 Work well in a fast paced environment
 Valid Class 5 driver’s license and excellent driving record
 Effectively listen to and resolve customer complaints
 Healthy and capable of lifting heavy objects
 Reliably follow rules, policies and procedures
 Use cleaning chemicals safely
 Follow safe food handling and sanitation procedures
 Take accurate measurements
 Interact well with others from diverse backgrounds
 Creatively solve problems
 Role model appropriate behaviour
 Easily adapt to new situations
 Listen to customer requests and respond appropriately
 Flexible and open to the opinions and contributions of others
 Can determine priorities and handle more than one task at a time
 Display patience, care and understanding when working with children
 Create a safe and fun environment for children
 Effectively collect and organize information
 Open and receptive to feedback, advice, questions, and directions
 Able to use a cash register, debit and credit terminals
 Demonstrate flexibility and the willingness to accommodate special requests
 Demonstrate leadership ability and able to motivate others to accomplish goals
 Able to plan and organize my work
 Able to express ideas in a clear and concise manner verbally and in writing
 Considerable experience caring for children of all ages
 Proficient in the use of the following software programs: ________________________
 React quickly and work well under pressure
 Positive attitude and eager to take on new experiences
 Honest, trustworthy and dependable
 Available to work days, evenings and weekends
 Able to speak, read and write in English and ___________________________________
 Hardworking, responsible and reliable
 Self-confident and enthusiastic
 Patient, kind and understanding
 Deal with people, problems and situations honestly
 Take pride in my work
 Access to reliable transportation
 Punctual and excellent attendance record
 Show initiative by doing things without being asked
 Friendly, outgoing and enjoy meeting and talking to new people
 Motivated and goal oriented
 Respectful towards others
 Courteous and considerate
 Take responsibility for my actions and learn from my mistakes
 Motivated to do the best job I can on everything I do
 Recognize and respect individual differences
 Caring, sensitive and people oriented
 Adaptable and able to maintain a flexible schedule
 Willing to work long hours
 Enjoy new challenges and willing to learn

Examples for “JOB DUTIES”

(Use present tense if it is a job you have now or past tense if it was a job you had in the past)
 Keep (or Kept) work area clean and tidy
 Serve(d) customers meals and snacks
 Take (or Took) customer orders and prepare(d) meals and snacks
 Receive(d) and prepare(d) food orders for customers
 Operate(d) a cash register, debit and credit machine
 Provide(d) customers with exact change
 Handle(d) customer inquiries and complaints
 Participate(d) in seasonal merchandise inventory control
 Assist(ed) customers with refunds and/or exchanges
 Perform(ed) a number of cleaning duties, including: mopping the floors, cleaning the
counters, dusting desks, washing dishes, cleaning windows, vacuuming floors, etc.
 Responsible for supervising a number of children from the ages of ___ to ___
 Plan(ned) activities for children to participate in
 Follow(ed) through with bath and bedtime routine
 Prepare(d) snacks for children
 Wrote a __ (# of words)__ word report on ___(topic)_____________________________
 Conducted a __(# of minutes)__ minute presentation on the topic of ________________
 Clear(ed) and clean(ed) tables
 Greet(ed) and seat(ed) customers
 Conduct(ed) searches for information on the internet, in magazines, newspapers, etc.
 Organize(d) games, activities and crafts
 Answer(ed) and direct(ed) telephone calls or take (or took) messages
 Type(d), fax(ed), or photocopy (or photocopied) memos, letters, and other documents
 Teach (or Taught) ________________ how to use _____________________ effectively
 Install(ed) __________________________ onto personal computers
 Assist(ed) in the planning and organizing of games and activities
 Responsible for opening and closing the store

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