Why Curiosity Enhances Learning

Curiosity is a quality related to inquisitive explore thinking. According to researchers, curiosity helps us to learn more and being in a curious state also helps the brain to memorize discrete information. Let say if questions are asked such as, “How did life begin?” or “Are there such things as aliens?”, then definitely you will feel curious about knowing the answers to it. This way you will put more efforts into knowing them.  Undoubtedly, curiosity makes learning more enjoyable and effective. It has always been observed that curious students ask more questions in the classroom and they also seek for the answers in a more active way.

Here are some points that describes why curiosity enhances learning:

Curiosity Makes the Brain Prepared for Learning: Generally, in classrooms, students feel bored to learn the major subjects like physics, chemistry, maths, and biology. To eradicate this problem many interesting examples or activities can be introduced in the classroom at the time of teaching. For an instance, if students don’t like a particular chapter in physics let’s say electricity then it is a good idea to ask the students some intriguing questions related to it like, “why birds sitting on a power line don’t get electrocuted?”. This will not only make them more curious to know the fact but also will help to increase the interest for the chapter electricity.

Use Curiosity to Learn Better: From some researches, it has been observed that when curiosity is stimulated, there is increased activity in the brain circuit related to reward. When you are curious about something, your brain is ready to absorb all information presented on that topic. You should always try to learn more and study less that means you should always focus on learning i.e. gaining more information about any topic rather than just studying your everyday school syllabus.

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Brojesh Baidya

With a degree in Engineering, Brojesh Baidya is a content writer by profession. In addition to writing, he likes to compose music of his own. He is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju's-the Learning App.