73 percent of global organizations fail to identify cyber attacks: Accenture report

At a time once cyber attacks square measure on the increase, nearly 3 quarters of worldwide organizations (73 percent) cannot set up these and shield their company assets and processes, a brand new report same on weekday. in line with the ‘Accenture Security Index’, just one in 3 organizations (34 percent) has the flexibility needed to observe for threats to important components of their businesses.

“While organizations have improved their security over the previous couple of years, progress has not unbroken pace with the sophistication of extremely actuated attackers,” Kelly Bissell, decision maker of Accenture Security, same in a very statement.

The results, analyzed together with Oxford economic science, same that globally, a median organization has high performance in eleven of the thirty-three cyber security capabilities that were analyzed.

“A new approach is clearly required that protects the organization from the within out and across the trade worth chain – from the wellhead to the pump,” Bissell additional.

At the highest finish of the dimensions, solely 9 percent of the organizations managed to meet high performance in additional than twenty-five of the thirty-three cybersecurity capabilities. United Kingdom hierarchic highest overall for cooperation with third-parties throughout crisis management (52 percent) and communication of cyber incidents as a part of business alignment (72 percent). whereas banking corporations have highest performance in eight capabilities, technology corporations rank highest in seven capabilities.

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