Action taken against Amazon for sale of tricolour doormats: Govt

The issue of tricolor doormats and slippers oversubscribed by on-line looking portal Amazon had its echo within the Rajya Sabha these days with members raising concern over the matter and therefore the government locution that action has been taken and these have had their desired result.

Members asked whether or not the govt. might impose a ban on sale of such merchandise for national emblems aren’t blemished, whether or not there have been provisions to prevent insult to non secular sentiments and if the govt. contemplated action against such e-commerce platforms.

Minister of State for External Affairs M J Akbar same such things cannot be controlled as there’s no international accord on this, however confirmed action underneath 2 laws enacted in 1950 and 1971 to guard dishonoring of national emblems.

“The incident occurred in 2 nations, North American nation and u. s.. As before long as we tend to have to be compelled to grasp, our missions in Ottawa and Washington raised the difficulty at the very best attainable level in each attainable way.

“The issue went up to the owner, the one that runs Amazon, Jeff Bezos. Action was taken by Amazon and that i suppose at this moment, we are able to be assured that this may not be perennial. They (Amazon) have written to U.S. additionally,” he said.

On whether or not such things will be controlled in future, he said, “there isn’t any international accord on this”.

Akbar, however, said, a law was enacted in 1950 and another in 1971 to guard specifically those issues that have currently come back up.

“We as a Government do our utmost to visualize that our national honor and sentiments aren’t blemished in any means and that I hope that our efforts can yield results,” he said.

The Minister same, “we take each attainable recourse at intervals our suggests that and legal framework to envision such things. The actions we’ve taken have had the required result.”

The issue of Amazon commercialism tricolor doormats and slippers on its websites had irked External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, World Health Organization had same such things were unacceptable and had vulnerable Amazon management of rescinding visas to its officers if they failed to stop such sales.

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