Anonymous Hacks And Takes Down 10,613 Tor Websites On Dark Web

The Internet we all know and that we use in our everyday lives is simply one a part of the network Hacks. As we have a tendency to use the Net that is truly known as Surface net.

But ninetieth of the web is within the “hidden face,” known as Deep net, which each time we have a tendency to hear a lot of. This, in turn, homes different hands, the Dark net as its name shows, is darker and homes encrypted and anonymous content that’s accessed through the Tor network.

This free software package gets its name from The Onion Router as a result of its structured layers to let navigate jumping from one to a different with coding protection that hides the informatics. That’s why within the deep a part of the network it prevails namelessness.

The Depths of the web

To understand this higher is commonly used as AN example like AN iceberg lost within the grandness of the ocean. The web is that the iceberg, and its visible half corresponds to the “normal” pages. That is, the websites indexed by search engines, because it is not possible to understand the precise range of pages that frame the Deep net, however it’s calculable that the burden of the contents is over 7,000 TB of data.

The network of networks consists of five levels, and most users solely understand the primary, that is that the tip of the iceberg. If we have a tendency to go all the way down to the second level, which might be just under the surface, we discover the sites that aren’t indexed and accessed solely by the “qualified individuals.” Passing the third level we will begin to check hot content, that it’s harder to trace.

In the space, they inhabit every kind of hot sites, as they’re like porno and traffic of arms, drugs, and even organs. The 50 and last level is what’s referred to as The Darknet or Dark net, that is that the authentic territory of the hackers and also the darkest space of net, wherever there’s no protocols or security.

More than 10,000 pages of the Deep net fall thanks to AN attack

As declared within the media ‘The Verge,’ servers Hosting Freedom II suffered a significant attack by the world’s leading on-line hacktivist cluster, Anonymous.

This attack caused the autumn of around 10,000 websites of Tor, primarily engaged in porno, say the authors. To grant North American country a concept of the size of the attack, that range of web sites represents fifth of the depths of the iceberg.

Those users attempting to use this kind of hot content found instead the message: “Hello, Freedom Hosting II, are hacked”. Though the hackers claim that half the content that was hosted on the servers was attacked is that the porno, it ‘s arduous to set up that it absolutely was so. This is often as a result of one among the most options of the Deep net ‘The anonymity’.

Moreover, the Hackers, United Nations agency claim to be a part of the Anonymous cluster, claim that a minimum of half the information and knowledge they found on the servers they discharged was porno as we have a tendency to told earlier.

But, it’s presently not possible to verify (because you’ll be able to not access the sites), however taking under consideration what’s far-famed of this sort of corporations hosting for the deep net is kind of potential. In fact, Freedom Hosting company was concerned in an exceedingly porno case for years per the sources.

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