Barefoot Networks looks to redefine ASIC in network device design with its Tofino chip

It looks as if computer code has devoured the planet, aside from network hardware. Feature enablement is frustratingly slow within the network device house.

For example, it took major network vendors some four years to feature VXLAN support to thought routers and switches. VXLAN makes excellent sense for the mixing of virtualized networks and physical networks. Even with the agreement of major vendors like Cisco and VMware, the rollout trailed the business drivers for years. the first challenge is that the ASIC-based approach used by the network business. Barefoot Networks appearance to eliminate the inflexibility of ASIC-based device style whereas maintaining performance via their new Tofino chip.

ASIC vs. x86 performance

Intel has done some wonderful things with networking on x86, particularly with Intel Xeon-based networking. the information Plane Development Kit (DPDK) has achieved performance of 233 Gbps (347 Mpps) employing a Xeon E5-2658. medium associated application developers will build applications that give any range of information services on packets transiting an Intel-based network operate virtualized (NFV) instance.

x86-based network solutions have enjoyed the pliability of computer code. VMware’s NSX may be a nice example of a platform that quickly integrates new protocols and services via computer code. In several instances, 233 Gbps of performance is quite quick enough. However, the performance of x86 network is simply a fraction of the turnout on the market via dedicated ASIC. ASIC chip maker Broadcom recently declared a processor capable of 1Tbps turnout in an abundant additional network-friendly physical package that supports high-density network property.

Network device makers have long sacrificed flexibility for performance in system style. not like general computing processors, ASICs are purposeful to accelerate specific algorithms. Protocols like VXLAN need a design of the ASIC to perform high-throughput process. Couple slow style, regression testing, and producing into the equation and new protocol integration will take years to complete.

Lessons from GPU

Barefoot Networks recently given at one among Gelstalt IT’s school Field Day (TFD) events. During TFD, Barefoot Network mentioned a number of the teachings the corporate learned from the graphics process units (GPU) business. corporations like NVIDIA have remodeled themselves into superior cypher (HPC) corporations, as critical corporations merely targeted on the graphics business. As a results of the teachings it learned, Barefoot Networks declared their Tofino platform.

Tofino may be a programmable chip that permits line rate process up to 6.5Tbps. Customers or network vendors will leverage the P4 programming language to customize white box solutions or fastened configuration product that supply x86-like flexibility whereas providing ASIC-like performance.

The company conjointly provided a reference style to the Open cypher Project (OCP) that leverages the Wedge 100B switch. The Wedge a hundred may be a set up submitted to OCP by Facebook. leverage a Wedge 100B with a Tofino chip, customers the dimensions of Facebook will build a custom change platform with solely the services required for operation of their application. The restricted feature switches improve performance and responsibleness by eliminating general purpose options not required by the customer’s applications. Vendors may use constant platform to supply 100G network product with simply the services customers need.

It may take it slow for enterprise customers to make custom code for white box switches. The additional direct impact, however, is tighter unharness schedules for brand spanking new services like VXLAN. Tofino may be a platform to observe fastidiously. As a part of a long strategy, enterprise network managers ought to concentrate to the chipsets in their network marketer product.

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