Best Single Sign-On Solutions for Business in 2017

With code as a service (SaaS) driving most work applications, your workers have to be compelled to keep in mind a slew of login credentials. It’s troublesome for them to stay track of all those passwords. Not solely that, however deed users to control over a fragmented ocean of credentials could be a security nightmare waiting to happen.

“The typical tiny business has fifteen cloud apps, and greater businesses have even a lot of,” aforementioned microphone Gold, president of cloud IT solutions supplier Intermedia. “There’s plenty of work in and work out, which takes plenty of your time. If you lose one (password) you have to reset it, and it is a massive problem for IT. Too several passwords hurt worker productivity.”

that is wherever single sign-on (SSO) comes in. These solutions combination user login data for the SaaS applications and organize them beneath one umbrella; as so much because the user thinks about, one word currently provides them access to everything. SSO permits associate IT team to watch access and management security policies from the rear finish, likewise as manage regular word changes and therefore the creation of credentials for brand spanking new users. SSOs also are essential in revoking access from associate worker once they leave the corporate.

Tom Garrison, vp and chief of Intel’s Business consumer Platform Division, aforementioned a key thought for victimization SSO is maintaining wise security policies.


“Any company implementing SSO has to consider carefully regarding what necessities to place on the business users’ logon,” Garrison aforementioned. “It is crucial to form that logon as secure as potential.”

Garrison suggests that firms implement a logon system that uses multiple factors of authentication with the credentials secured within the hardware. this could increase security and identity authentication, while not the need for complicated, oftentimes dynamical passwords, he said.

Naturally, partnering with any SSO supplier means that trusting it to be accountable with a number of your company’s most sensitive data.

“If you are going at hand over the ‘keys’ to your company, there is a vital level of trust you have to possess,” Gold aforementioned. “You’re trusting that company with all of your work apps, company knowledge and doubtless management of your income. you actually got to opt for a business that has shown its the power to manage this.”

Here’s a glance at a number of the simplest SSO solutions on the market these days and the way they’ll facilitate your business change your user authentication and identity management desires.

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