BPO projects freelance marketplace

SaveBpo includes a network of around 5000 client base everywhere the Facebook and LinkedIn within which we’ve regarding hour retention rate of users. we tend to have already got two hundred users registered with our web site in regarding three months, however with right tools and resources we will build the radius a lot of larger.

Product/Service outline

SaveBpo Marketplace will connect purchasers Associate in Nursingd decision centers to try to to a secure business with the assistance of an written agreement system. purchasers will post there BPO comes and decision centers will bid the comes. Then shopper will see the decision center profile and judge to award the project thereto center. As presently as shopper awards the project to the middle, shopper can deposit the project bill into the SaveBpo’s written agreement System in order that center can get the guarantee that as presently because the center completes the comes there cash in there account. the other way around even the shopper is assured that if the middle isn’t reaching their TAT or Quality of the project, then the shopper isn’t within the dispute. By this fashion SaveBpo Marketplace will eradicate the Frauds and Scams on its network.