7 reasons why blogging is essential to your startup

Content is that the latest bunk and a well maintained journal with sensible quality content will do wonders for your startup. If you’re not convinced that your startup needs a journal, or area unit overrun with queries on however a journal for your web site can facilitate your business, browse our seven reasons why business enterprise a journal with quality content is crucial to your startup.

  1. Establish Authority – business enterprise quality content on your journal, content that’s involving your product/service domain may be a showcase of your company’s command over the topic. It helps your company establish itself as a website knowledgeable to the big audience connected over the net. Innovative and purposeful blogs that add worth to the reader’s intelligence facilitate in establishing your company and a concept leader, reminiscent of the MongoDB journal or the Etsy journal. Publish the content beneath your team members’ name to feature credibleness.
  2. Generate Leads – each businessperson needs his product or service to succeed in as many purchasers and shoppers as doable. As of thirty first December, 2014 there area unit over three billion users connected to the net globally. Blogging may be a good way to induce search engines to note your web site and business, and obtain your product providing to the plenty, within the method generating leads for your company.
  3. Audience Insights – The people that wind up on your journal, the demographic information of your readers, the content on your journal that’s most searched, the content which individuals like and share the most; if you’re a product startup, of these offer valuable insights to your prospective client base. If you’re a services startup, this information provides you a concept concerning the services that area unit most asked for. A journal thus allows you to analyse your client base while not sweating it out (literally!) on, typically dear, client surveys.
  4. Reach Out – A journal may be a good way to stay your customers updated with the newest releases and latest product offerings. they will browse or read (through videos), in close to real time however your business develops and grows, serving to them establish a higher connect. Being an on the spot purpose of access, it are often used not solely to push info to customers. A well placed and well thought out journal will act as a superb feedback and client support channel.
  5. PR Channel – therefore you have got your product prepared and ar wanting to urge some PR for it. A well placed journal, with sizeable traffic may be a good channel for PR if you’ll have it prepared before product launch. Your readers, in most cases, can find yourself turning into your 1st customers. For a services startup, the journal is additionally helpful to plug service offerings. Most publications and media channels scourge the web for trending startups and entrepreneurs. a preferred journal with effective SEO acts as a good discovery medium.
  6. Recruitment – a good journal brings along similar individuals with similar interests – technology, entrepreneurship, management, etc., creating it associate degree access purpose for your startup to achieve dead set proficient people WHO may be potential staff. rather than outlay on an upscale achievement exercise, hiring therefore becomes additional regarding connecting with talent.
  7. Share data – The startup community may be a community within the true sense. those WHO really get ahead ar people who be a part ofed the competition (or had the competition join them!) instead of fight the competition. If you have got learnings in your domain that you simply will share with alternative entrepreneurs, then your journal is that the best thanks to have it off. Sharing information not solely establishes your company as associate degree authority therein domain, it additionally encourages alternative entrepreneurs to share their information, resulting in mutual growth.
    If at this time you’re convinced that your company or product web site ought to have a journal, however ar inquisitive regarding what content you ought to begin with, here ar a number of pointers. Your information is your forte, therefore journal regarding those topics wherever you’re assured regarding your experience. this may offer you a thought regarding your reader base. Analyse this reader base to create the topics for more blogs. Closely monitored analytics is that the key to a triple-crown journal. Keep tab on your user behaviour to grasp what your readers like and WHO your target market is. Once you reach that threshold of understanding, your journal traffic can snowball, so can your business.