A Letter To My Husband – Mandeep Kaur Sidhu

Dear Husband,

When I first met you , I thought to be one ideal Indian couple. To the extent of modernization , I thought we will both be working and earning and will have kids soon. A lot many family members were expecting our kids even before we decide to have one. You were passionate and so were I. Intelligence fascinated both of us. You never bothered that I am from a village and from a family who owns a small flour mill in a small village. You never bothered my small house with roofs so old.

You saved each penny to invest in Simbacart. You even preferred to cook all meals yourself and save money where ever you can. In extreme hot summers at phoenix, I was filled with extreme emotions when I found no AC working in the car. You sacrificed an easily affordable luxury life to support our venture and me as an entrepreneur. In toughest phases, you pulled me up many times. At times even I said no, where you said yes. You have unleashed the potential in me, the brilliance in me. I wonder when we meet, how we keep on talking about our business for hours. I remember when we started with just a few hundreds of budget for each day and now we spend lacs. It’s the sign that our business is growing each day.

I remember when I shifted my business from City to Village, all my employees left me, nobody came along with me for a single day for set up in the village. I am thankful to you to help me in that most critical phase. Out of 20, I was left with just one. I restarted, it was you who was sitting in US too kept me motivated and was all on toes to restart things in much a better way. You kept our business upright with your technical intelligence. Our customers were happy, they never came to know the transition happened.

Till now we might have saved more than a crore in banks, but you became my sole investor. I tried each bank, many investors, many summits, I came back with nothing in my hand. Many people didn’t trust me, maybe I am a woman with no strong team of IITians or IIMs and I am unable to make fancy financial projections and even didn’t had you in front of them. I am proud of you, you trusted me as a woman.

I am thankful to you for guiding me and mentoring me throughout, keeping me updated with various technologies, apps, software and especially books which are helping me to move closer to our vision. I am proud, you value books, education, knowledge much more than materialistic things. You valued my education and skills, you value ethics, my parents gifted me.

I am thankful to you for not bothering if the clothes, utensils are washed or not. Not even a single moment ever you preferred household tasks over work. If the rooms are well decorated or not. You always valued learning and made it interesting, like teachers teach kids in play way methods. I appreciate your help in reviewing my writings and listening to my mock public speaking sessions. I am thankful to you for helping me to buy hundreds of books and listening to reviews. I am thankful for our whiteboard session when I come to the US. I never thought of getting an opportunity to visit the US in such an easy way. Thank you for arranging all my visits and making me visit number of stores and helping me in research and coming up with new ideas.

I am thankful, you guide me to get up early, meditate, to take care of my health. I am thankful to you for all good things you tell me about other people and companies to do much better. I stay motivated. Its is unbelievable for any, however, I am happy we could never fight as we have no time for it. I feel we are one busiest couple with one big vision in life.

I know how traditionally most of the couples stay and lead their life in India, whereas we are among the exceptions. We face many questions from friends, relatives, society and many of them are awkward. I am thankful for you being the simplest and most ordinary and teaching me the same. You taught me to have the biggest vision, do things super ethically and help the needy as much as I can. I am blessed and my soul is happiest.

Many times initially when people yelled at me, my employees cheated on me, my banks rejected me, my nearest and dearest left me, my vendors didn’t trust on what I am doing, when all were saying NO. I am thankful for wiping my tears in the most difficult times, you were the only one who could bring smiles on my face immediately after big issues.You always supported in choosing the honest paths and taking the most difficult decisions.You never let stress win over my passion.

In extreme crises too, I am thankful for all celebrations in the best ways. Thanks for the smiles and thanks for the politeness. I salute your time management and exceptional stretch you are managing both for your job and helping me too many times. Lucky are the people you are working for and lucky me.

Life is further tough and making us even stronger, challenges are toughest but together we can. You are like a super power, invisible to all but supporting the most. You are the man behind Mandeep Kaur Sidhu! You are an angel God gifted me you, to unleash the entrepreneur in me, You are a blessing to me and my Village and thousands of people associated with us in terms of vendors, customers, employees, NGO kids and people who are benefitting through donations.

You are not only grooming an entrepreneur to the best, you are creating an inspiration for  thousands of people, especially woman watching us.You are a life changing person for our various NGO kids, to whom I am able to serve. Your presence in my life is continuously healing my soul and is acting as a great motivator for me to work extreme and unleash the brilliance inside me.Undoubtedly, You made me one independent and confident woman, rejoicing the most exciting journey – The Entrepreneurial Journey!

May we unite sooner in India!


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