A structured approach for idea generation

Low budget, not enough men, restricted suggests that, associate businessperson is usually certain with constraints. And as a result obtaining affected by some unforeseen drawback and being forced to seek out out some innovative answer during a} very short span of your time, is associate everyday routine within the lifetime of associate businessperson (and if it’s not the case, then perhaps one must aim a touch above this goal or pace one has set). commonly such things square measure a small amount disagreeable and therefore the drawback with our brains is that our artistic talents take the foremost hit in such circumstances.

In such things, following some structured approach to seek out out the answer or generate some concepts is far additional productive than lease our thoughts mistily wander in search of an answer. we are able to quickly notice new concepts, sensible in each amount and quality, by providing a method to our creativeness.

Let us see a way to try and do that. The technique is to challenge one’s premises. Most of the time we tend to follow some path and if we tend to hit a blind alley, our focus gets narrowed all the way down to a awfully specific space around that drawback. however many times taking some steps back will facilitate U.S.A. notice new avenues that solve our drawback additional effectively.

To apply this system to a given scenario, 1st write down your initial objective so break down your work done thus far or your arrange that brought you to the given scenario. you ought to be able to break down the items to urge 4-5 statements between your objective and therefore the current problematic scenario. currently begin difficult every of your previous statements with a minimum of 2-3 queries. Keep doing that until you reach your objective. do not spare even your objective, many times it may be the primary reason behind all of your issues and you may have to be compelled to amendment it altogether to urge a far better answer.

The technique is nice in some things however from time to time we are able to not return to vary any of our premises and that we got to notice an answer from a given purpose onward. Also, there area unit things once we don’t have any premises, let’s say once we wish some plan generation from scratch around a given topic. For these things, the higher than technique isn’t well matched. however we are able to use another wondrous technique: making a thought tree. We’ll name that one in another web log.