Startup pitch timely, locally & professionally

There is a proverb that ‘necessity could be a mother of inventions; for Lavanya Viswanatham, chief executive officer & founding father of, it had been her business issues that light-emitting diode to the innovation of a brand new plan.

“In our society, issues area unit concerning everybody, business homeowners area unit troubled to search out appropriate hands for full-time & versatile jobs, on the opposite professionals native|and native} service suppliers area unit trying to find local leads/ employers. We’re operating to make a platform that gives a stronger resolution for native employment and freelancing trade,” says Lavanya.

NearBuz is one among its kind app wherever users will connect, socialize and network for higher growth opportunities. a number of its helpful options embrace, connecting complete professionals and freelancers with prospective recruiters, the native job poster feature, the platform additionally offers employers and job seekers civil rights to choose and post necessities near .

Being a platform to bridge the gap between freelancers and employers, NearBuz is Associate in Nursing entity of IISGL—providing higher IT and digitalisation property.