1,000 robots dance sets Guinness record

The try was organized by Qingdao-based Ever Win Company.

Beijing: a brand new Guinness record for the foremost robots dance at the same time has been set in China wherever 1007 robots shimmied in unison, nearly double the previous record.

Each of the forty three.8 cm tall dance machines at the Qingdao brewage pageant were controlled victimisation only 1 mobile and that they had to bop for a full minute so as to count towards the record total, the Guinness World Records aforementioned.

A few robots were disqualified as a result of they failed to dance or fell over, however the bulk of the mechanical dance company completed the sixty second routine in good unison.

The try was organized by Qingdao-based Ever Win Company which just about doubled the previous record of 540 dance robots that was achieved earlier this year by Chinese company UBTECH AI firm.

Official Guinness World Records person Angela Chinese verified the new record on web site. Quan Jinyou, Chief Technology Officer of Ever Win Company explained that the robots were equipped with a special encoding technology to cut back frequency illation from close mobile phones and Bluetooth devices.