ASUS Will Now Let You 3D Print Parts For Your Motherboard

Many of us prefer to construct our own PCs. It’s fun hanging all of the accessories together in the best way you want. However many times you would run into a difficult determination. Say that one motherboard would have the accessories you want, but it’s more expensive than the opposite which does no longer have the add-ons you wish to have.


Do you compromise just to save lots of a couple of dollars? Now there’s one more option. ASUS needs to make this a challenge of the previous and the enterprise has announced that they’re going to be providing CAD documents so that pc builders can 3D print their possess customized motherboard components. Exceptional!

Nevertheless don’t get too excited. Truly the 3D printing is extra for aesthetic factors. The thought is that builders will likely be ready to create a customized appear for his or her motherboard, like possibly print precise accessories in a unique colour scheme, or 3D print a corporation/workforce emblem, etc. Which is beautiful cool too.

There are some useful makes use of for 3D printing, like developing fan mounts or GPU stabilizing brackets, but sincerely we’re talking about looks. Nevertheless, this does open up the probability to a lot more custom-made laptop builds one day. Fingers crossed they offer extra options very soon.