Cosmic Watch: Lets You Track Stars and Planets in Real Time

“The Cosmic Watch is the first astronomical clock in the digital age,” Humbel said.

Since 1967, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, has outlined a second because the period of nine,192,631,770 oscillations of the microwave radiation absorbed or emitted once a metallic element atom moves between 2 energy states. Precise activity helps keep our times synchronised — power grids, GPS and alternative technologies all accept maintaining correct and coordinated time.

However, before the advent of cellphones and similar gadgets, humans looked to the cosmos to help organize their lives. People would decide to plant seeds depending on solstices, or arrange meetings based on the position of the moon, Humbel said.

The Cosmic Watch operates in three modes: “world clock mode” for timekeeping based on the atomic clock, “astronomy mode” to view constellations and planets in the sky, and “astrology mode” to view astral charts.

The astronomy mode points out the planets near you and reveals how celestial bodies move across the sky. The astrology mode displays the planets with their ancient symbols in the zodiac signs, and allows the user to set a birthdate and view a natal chart, which maps the planets and constellations, as they were when the user was born. Science originally united astronomy and astrology, Humbel said, and although astrology is not a real science, it has a deep meaning for many people, he added. “I thought it would be a beautiful aspect to include,” Humbel said.

The Cosmic Watch is presently out there to buy from from the Google Play store and therefore the Apple App Store for $3.99, and Humbel and his team ar about to bring the Cosmic Watch to the Apple Watch. Humbel same he sees the Cosmic Watch as a possible academic tool for lecturers, folks and anyone interested in time. He plans to develop the academic aspects of the Cosmic Watch and launch a Kickstarter campaign to assist raise cash for his team to contour the app’s options.