Jawbone claims Fitbit is under criminal investigation as the rivals continue to spar

The Jawbone claims Fitbit ugliness seems to be continued on intense, even the rival fitness companies work to deal with their own monetary struggles and issues round the health of the wearable market at massive. The companies are batting suits back and forth a minimum of since mid-2015, primarily dealing with problems with intellectual proprietary and trade secrets – the type of charges rival manufacturers usually volley back and forth.

The war seemed to have cooled slightly simply sooner than Christmas once Fitbit born one case, citing its rivals financial struggles, which we have a tendency to recently highlighted in a piece concerning the company’s planned pivot. But in a new court filing, Jawbone suggests that its chief competitor is presently underneath investigation by a grand jury over secret thieving.

The criminal investigation has on-god for five months, according to claims found within the 27-page Jawbone claims Fitbit. Fitbit, for its part, has naturally called the allegations fiction, adding that they’re essentially a rehash of charges that the ITC turned over in October.

For its part, Fitbit has dealing with its own financial problems with late. Late last month the dominant player in the fitness wearable area proclaimed that it absolutely was cutting 6% of its workers. As a results of an unsatisfactory this fall, though the company is pushing forward, making acquisitions and trying to make a brand new smartwatch.

Fitbit was even rumored to be mulling purchase of Jawbone in the initiate to its dropping of the suit, though according to our sources, those talks were fairly low-level.

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