Oculus Closes several In-Store Demo Stations as VR Headsets Prove a onerous Sell

Facebook’s VR headsets division created a network of 500 free demo stations in Best obtain stores to offer individuals a style of VR victimization the optic Rift telephone receiver. But according to a Wed report from Business corporate executive, about 200 of the demo stations can shut once low-interest from shoppers.

People WHO worked within the stations told the publication that they’d typically not provides a demo for days at a time. An internal note obtained by Business corporate executive delineated plans to shut several demo stations, citing “store performance.” Best Buy still plans to sell the telephone receiver.

The Rift is one of several high-profile consumer-oriented virtual-reality headsets discharged last year, but the technology is still in its time. The headsets are large, and those offering the simplest expertise, like the Rift, require a physical tether to an expensive computer. Even once you’ve got the gear, there still isn’t that much to do in VR.

Sales thus so much appear to mirror this. Market research firm Canalys estimates that simply over 2 million VR headsets shipped last year (it puts the Rift in third place, with almost 400,000 headsets shipped, behind Sony’s PlayStation VR and HTC’s Vive). That’s a small variety compared to game consoles. More than six million of this high vender, Sony’s PS4, were sold simply throughout the vacation season.

Oculus representative Andrea composer aforesaid that the network of demo stations shrunk for “seasonal” reasons, and that the corporate is concentrating on offering demos at many Best obtain stores within the largest markets. She also aforesaid that optic is going to carry events to supply live demos of its virtual-reality technology at stores and in native communities throughout the year.

“We still believe the best thanks to find out about VR is thru a live demo,” she said.

Several analysts WHO cowl virtual reality say dropping several of the demo stations once the busy season might add. But they conjointly noted the challenge in merchandising virtual-reality headsets, which area unit still ungainly and unacquainted to several individuals.

“I think in a store setting obtaining individuals to take a seat down and bear that have of obtaining a telephone receiver on and obtaining started is kind of troublesome reason to meet,” said Geoff Blaber, a CCS Insight analyst.

Blaber expects that it will get easier once firms will win over shoppers there’s a lot of to try to do with VR than simply play games, and as more headsets area unit discharged that don’t would like to be wired to a laptop. Oculus has incontestable a wireless telephone receiver, though it hasn’t aforesaid once it might build its debut on store shelves.

Brian Blau, an analyst for Gartner, said the call to chop several of the demo stations seems like a mirrored image of the state of wired video game. Although the technology is mature enough to place one thing in people’s hands, it’s not mature enough for mass-market consumption. He expects this to change over succeeding year or 2 as telephone receiver manufacturers improve their devices.

“For me, this is not a technology that’s feet, but one that’s going to take time to mature into what individuals wish it to be,” he said.

That’s also the read of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who LED his company’s charge to obtain optic for $3 billion in 2014 and has aforesaid it’ll take a decade for VR to be adopted by the lots. He reiterated his long-term stance throughout the company’s latest earnings decision last week, and asked investors to be patient. Facebook plans to “invest a lot during this,” said Zuckerberg, even though optic won’t “be extremely profitable for United States of America for quite an whereas.”

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