OnePlus 3 is the most durable smartphone, claims company in a new video

OnePlus 3 is the new flagship killer from the Chinese technology start-up OnePlus. OnePlus 3 ditches the sandstone body we saw in the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2.

OnePlus has released a new video of its flagship OnePlus 3 surviving a number a durability tests. The video shows bend, drop, twist, tumble, impact, button stress, weather, USB stress and sensor accuracy calibration tests being performed on OnePlus 3. OnePlus claims the smartphone survived even after going through rigorous tests and worked perfectly fine. The video starts with a warning that says, “The following video features tests conducted by professionals performed in a dedicated environment. Please do not attempt to recreate or conduct any of these tests at home.” All of these tests on OnePlus 3 have been performed using machines.