PlayStation 4’s 4.50 software update adds HDD support, 3D Blu-ray capability for PS VR

PlayStation 4’s next huge software system update goes out currently to beta testers, and it adds lots for house owners of the console to induce excited regarding. There’s support for external USB HDDs, which implies in spite of what proportion internal storage you’ve got on your PS4, you’ll add up to 8TB of further house via external drives, guaranteeing you’ll ne’er run out of space for games and saves.

The update conjointly adds support for 3D Blu-ray discs to PlayStation VR, property you see 3D fully stereoscopic glory once you’re look your movies victimization your telephone receiver. That’s a reasonably neat feature, since it means that you’ll relish 3D farewell as you’ve got a annotation VR, even though you don’t have a 3D TV, that already allow you to read 3D Blu-ray victimization your PS4 since way back in update one.75.

The new options embody the flexibility to post updates to your PSN activity feed, kind of like however you may share social updates on Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll even share in-game screenshots on the fly as standing updates. You’ll conjointly use those screenshots as custom wallpapers for your PS4 home screen, and the fast Menu also gets associate degree update with this beta that tweaks practicality for easier in-game party choices.

There’s additional within the update, too, PlayStation notes on its official journal, except for currently these square measure the options it’s previewing. Masses enough to induce excited regarding, particularly if you’re not an admirer of getting to cut games and re-download them from the cloud simply to manage your out there house.

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