Sony enters the Android Auto race with the $499.99 XAV-AX100 audio procedure

Famous for its audio products, Sony has been staying out of the Android Auto race, however that doesn’t imply they were not planning a glorious entrance. The japanese manufacturer has just announced the XAV-AX100 audio method, which is about to price $499.99.

This a long way undercuts lots of the competition. The most affordable of the modern day Pioneer units at $seven hundred, and even the older Kenwood ones go for over $600. Sony no longer best presents a reduce fee, but in addition first-rate. The XAV-AX100 facets 4 fifty five-watt Dynamic truth Amp 2 and wht they call “extra BASS”. This is stated to provide “clear sound and punchy bass”. If it’s not adequate, that you may also expand through connecting more amplifiers, because of its three-pre out connectivity help.

There is one very interesting bit Sony additionally mentions – the procedure is suitable with Android Auto 2. What’s Android Auto 2? We aren’t quite definite, but they may be relating to the improvements Google announced at this 12 months’s IO.

These incorporate wireless connections, auto brand apps, Waze navigation, hotword aid, utilising your mobilephone as an Android Auto gadget and extra. We’re not definite if that’s what they’re speaking about, although, so don’t quote us on that simply but.

The Sony XAV-AX100 shall be hitting North the usa in late November. Once once more, it is priced at $499.99. Are any of you signing up for it?