Windows 10 Cloud Early Build Leaked; might solely Run UWP Apps From Windows Store

Windows 10 Cloud, a simplified and cheaper version of Windows, which was noticed late last month has currently been leaked in screenshots taken from AN early build, and gives a more in-depth cross-check alleged coming platform from Microsoft. In line with earlier suggestions, the leaked screenshots show that the platform will solely enable users to run Universal Windows Platform apps from the Windows Store.

MSPowerUser has shared screenshots after gaining access to a leaked early build of Windows ten Cloud. An ISO file of the Windows ten Cloud build was leaked by Twitter user @rgadguard last week and will already be put in, although users are suggested to run it on a virtual machine instead of AN real one. The publication notes says Windows 10 Cloud will not enable users to put in even those Win32 apps that have are out there on Windows Store through Microsoft’s own Desktop App device

The publication tried installing Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code, which is a Win32 app, but the Windows ten Cloud showed up AN alert that same the app was not designed for this version of Windows. Further, the dialog box said “This version [Windows ten Cloud] was created to assist shield you and your device by solely running Windows Store apps,” as can be seen from the screenshot below.

As this is an early build, there is no proof that Microsoft won’t allow the Win32 apps downloaded from Windows Store to run on the platform. We can need to sit up for the official launch of the platform to find out if the Redmond-based company keeps the items same as they seem as of currently.

Windows 10 Cloud is being seen as Microsoft’s tool for competitive with Chromebooks, which overtook waterproof for the 1st time in terms of shipments within the USA last year. The integration of Android apps and also the Google Play store to the platform has additional utility to the cheap mobile devices.

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