Elizabeth Holmes quietly stepped down from Obama’s business ambassador program

Elizabeth Holmes, the founder and corporate executive of beset blood analysis startup Theranos, isn’t any longer mentioned on the Presidential Ambassadors for international Entrepreneurship (PAGE) web site.

Holmes proclaimed she had joined the Obama administration’s entrepreneurial PAGE program, that notably includes AOL corporate executive Steve Case, Airbnb founder Brian Chesky and Stripe’s patron saint Collison, in March of last year. However, the positioning now not lists her or shows her picture among these leaders.

First reported in Fortune, Theranos confirmed Holmes has quietly stepped down from her position as a presidential role model for American entrepreneurs and will instead “spend all her time focused on one thing, and that is Therano’s and its needs, especially as the company focuses on sharing its technologies with the scientific community,” the company said.

It’s certainly a time for the company to get focused. Therano’AACC

s founder has suffered a series of setbacks over the past year, including several scathing Wall Street Journal articles questioning the technology, misleading results, dramatic plummet in valuation, government inquiries and the fact that Holmes was recently banned from operating any of her labs.

Despite all that, Holmes conferred at the yankee Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) conference in City of Brotherly Love yesterday what was inexplicit to be a primary glimpse into the technology her startup has been engaged on all now. However, the audience got what several have known as a “bait and switch” once Holmes instead showcased a replacement work surface “miniLab” and Zika detection device. It’s still unclear if any of the new merchandise conferred were a part of the recent “Edison” technology as answers to audience queries remained obscure.
Theranos maintains Holmes can stay in a very leadership role at her company, however the PAGE program, that depends on ambassadors’ support and encourages them to “inspire” entrepreneurship at intervals their community, can now not be one thing during which Holmes participates.