Facebook’s new teens-only app Lifestage turns bios into video profiles

“What if I puzzled out the simplest way to require Facebook from 2004 and convey it to 2016? What if each field in your profile was a full video?” asks Facebook’s 19-year-old product prodigy archangel Sayman.

The answer is Lifestage, a standalone iOS app for folks twenty one and below, that Facebook is launching nowadays. It asks for your happy face, sad face, likes, dislikes, succor, the manner you dance and additional, however rather than filling during this account quiz with text, you shoot videos. Lifestage turns those clips you recorded into a video profile others will watch.

While technically anyone will transfer Lifestage, anyone twenty two or older can solely be able to see their own profile. That’s as a result of it’s engineered for high-schoolers to find out additional regarding their classmates. a fast swipe enables you to block and report folks, too, just in case anyone uncomplete tries to creep on the youngsters.

When you sign in, with no want for a Facebook account, you choose your highschool, and can then see the video profiles from folks at your college or ones close. And for further virality, Lifestage solely shows you {other folks|people|others} once twenty people from your college square measure exploitation it. That way, you nag your friends to hitch. in this approach, it mimics the approach Facebook was originally launched — college by college — as a result of social apps aren’t any fun if you don’t recognize anyone exploitation them.

App Store Cinderella

Sayman isn’t ANother 30-year-old product manager from an elite faculty. His oldsters from Republic of Peru and Bolivia raised him in Miami. There he instructed himself to code at age thirteen with tutorials he found on Google. His 1st product, a $1 app with tips for the Club sphenisciform seabird game, earned thousands of greenbacks. that cash helped his family keep afloat throughout the recession when their house was foreclosed upon. you’ll be able to examine his journey in Carmel DeAmicis’ profile of Sayman.

His huge break came once he overheard his sister on the phone, causing photos to an admirer and making an attempt to create her guess that word they delineate. That impressed Sayman to create 4Snaps, a photo-charades app. because of a revenue share partnership with merchant Instafluence, 4Snaps reached No. one on the word games chart, with a number of million users.
By then the app was overloading the free tier of analyze, the Facebook-owned mobile backend hosting service. Sayman negotiated a vast discount that permit him keep in operation 4Snaps. however Mark Zuckerberg concluded up tempting Sayman to return visit Facebook, produce a special presentation for its F8 conference and eventually intern there.

He’s spent the last 2 years obtaining conversant in the social network and arising with the concept for Lifestage. “I wished to figure on associate app that my demographic would relate to, or a minimum of that my friends would wish to use.” beside a team of 3 engineers and one style contractor, Sayman is currently able to ship his inspiration.

Your life on a stage

To build Lifestage, Sayman tells Maine “I went back and checked out Facebook from 2004. At the time i used to be in second grade.” Thanks for creating the remainder people feel recent, kid. Back then, Facebook opened to your own profile, not the News Feed. Lifestage works equally. You’ll see a bunch of bio queries you’ll answer with videos. The additional you fill in, the additional queries area unit unbolted.

In the feed you’ll see individuals from your faculty World Health Organization have recently updated their profiles, that you’ll faucet through to visualize specific answers, or swipe through to skip to totally different sections. To instill some gamification, individuals get hierarchic with higher levels if they’ve added additional to their profile. You’ll additionally see a sunglasses-smile emoji by people that recently updated, whereas those who’ve let their profiles languish can show a frown or perhaps the poop emoji.

There’s no thanks to contact individuals directly in Lifestage, since Sayman explains “my friends and that i have a bajillion electronic communication apps we tend to already use and love, therefore what’s the purpose of getting another American statessaging|electronic communication} app? It simply appears annoying to me.” Instead, every users gets a “Reach Me” line of text that seems at a lower place their name, that may be accustomed boast their Snapchat or Instagram handle, or another piece of contact information.

Lifestage might capture the eye of teens that Facebook fears may slip away to Snapchat. once asked concerning Snapchat, Sayman aforesaid “I consider it like extremely nice competition. They’ve got an excellent product and there’s plenty to learn…about however individuals have began to evolve the video area.” That aforesaid, he will note that his Instagram Stories are becoming over his posts on Snapchat.

The worry for Lifestage is that Facebook encompasses a poor memoir with standalone apps, having stop working Poke, Slingshot, Paper and give notice. Facebook clearly doesn’t see it derailing Snapchat, as a result of Lifestage’s promotional materials embody Reach ME text like “Snapchat ME.” Oh, and Facebook launched it on a Friday afternoon, the least-read time for blogs. It’s nearly like it’s not speculated to succeed on its own.

Instead, Lifestage might teach Facebook the way to improve its profiles with video, as Mark Zuckerberg desires “video at the guts of all our apps and services.” Facebook launched profile image videos at F8, however they don’t appear all that standard however.

Lifestage takes associate degree innovative stance. you may say your dog is your favorite pet, you’re keen on Radiohead or that this can be United Nations agency you’re qualitative analysis. however with videos, those aren’t lines of generic text. They’re whole distinctive videos that actually tell the story of United Nations agency you’re. that very same plan might build Facebook appear recent, though it’s nearly as previous because the youngsters Lifestage was designed for.