Flash / Situational Mentoring

Flash mentoring could be a form of mentoring relationship that permits a private to quickly notice the knowledge they have to finish a selected task. Flash mentoring is a smaller amount formal than having an extended term mentoring relationship. It’s less a few relationship and additional regarding information sharing among a network of people UN agency all have expertise and information in specific areas of the organization. everybody among the network merely creates a profile that has their expertise and main talent sets. people seeking information ar then in a position search these profiles supported their learning desires.

Since it’s a awfully short term relationship, it can be a gathering over lunch, a call or a simply a handful of messages changed. maybe, it’s as straightforward as Bob in accounting required facilitate with the new surpass task, or potential somebody desires a refresh on the way to create a spreadsheet; these would each be excellent samples of once flash mentoring will acquire play.
Also referred to as “Situational mentoring”, usually|this can be} often used for “situational” circumstances, or project primarily based tasks. consider it sort of a one-time meeting or discussion that permits a private to find out and request steering from a knowledgeable one who will depart this world relevant information and skill.
The purpose of flash mentoring is to supply a valuable learning chance for fewer intimate with people whereas requiring a restricted commitment time and resources for knowledgeable people serving as mentors. whereas mentors and mentees will reciprocally arrange to meet once more when their flash mentoring session, the commitment is to participate solely within the initial meeting. like an extended term mentorship we have a tendency to all grasp, it doesn’t need making learning goals or a mentoring agreement to make a decision however usually every party can meet.