Growth hacking case studies for your startup

We forever admire and surprise regarding the method a number of the foremost winning firms like Facebook, Youtube, Hotmail, Quora reached to the fascinating scale terribly} very short span of your time. each enterpriser needs to attain a similar deed for his own startup. however somehow we have a tendency to tend to attribute all the success of those firms to their core idea; and believe that the thought was merely awe-inspiring and destined to such a growth. that is a blemished thinking.

Even the simplest of those firms planned diligent growth methods that simply vie good for them. A deep understanding of what these firms did and the way did it facilitate them go infective agent at such large levels will facilitate AN enterpriser use a similar or similar ticks together with his own startups. let’s have a look at a number of these most winning case studies and perceive the teachings learnt from the expansion hacking applied by these firms.

Growth hacking via client enablement
Even Facebook long-faced a time once it had been not feat customers as quick because it expected (they had a target to amass two hundred million users in twelve months) and among several of the hacks it used, a very important one was to administer away Facebook plugins (e.g. Facebook Likebox) to users, that they may introduce into their websites. Youtube additionally used ANalogous|the same} approach by freely giving an embedded code to permit the users share the video on their own blogs, websites etc.

How to use it: The secret is that these firms enabled the users to use their services for making opportunities for the users. do not simply limit your thinking to feat the client and providing sensible services subsequently. assume on the far side, and facilitate your users grow thanks to your service directly or indirectly. It might be a awfully easy plan of referrals wherever they earn cash, credits or the other edges. And it may even be a fancy extra feature into your product or an extra service given away simply to learn the users.

Growth hacking by experimenting on user behavior
Quora is a wonderful example of employing a growth hack of learning and experimenting on the users’ behavior. They ran variety of experiments on the user behavior, analyzed it’s most active users and studied their behavior patterns. and that they were ceaselessly and quickly responding to those observations to fine tune themselves to amass a lot of users. The lesson here is that it’s obvious that you’re going to have some users UN agency like your product over others, however what may not be that obvious is that the factors that build those individuals like your product.

How to use it: try and verify the explanations why individuals likeable you then use the training to slim down your client acquisition or build changes in your providing in order that you’ll embody alternative classes of users to love it. each the ways that would increase your client acquisition rate. Some ways that to try to to it might be, a simple (and if attainable, interesting) to fill feedback, A/B testing, victimization Google analytics effectively etc.

Piggybacking others’ success may well be a growth hack
Airbnb (rental discovery platform) utilized a remarkable growth hack by exploitation the success of Craiglist (a classified advertisements portal). Airbnb used Craiglist to search out the listing of accommodations for rent and so approached the renters on to used Airbnb’s platform. The hack worked nice for them.

Similarly, Paypal used a growth hack by having a manage eBay to incorporate the PayPal brand on the listings of all the sellers that accepted PayPal. Ebay was already a booming platform and Paypal smartly used Ebay’s success to drive its own growth.

How to use it: attempt to ascertain some already existing booming players and see however you’ll be able to ride on their success by making a win-win scenario for each.

Integration into customers’ life
Hotmail may be a superb example to indicate that however even a really easy growth hacking strategy will have an enormous impact on a startup. By putt a straightforward signature at very cheap of the mail, that aforementioned “PS: i like you. Get your free email at Hotmail”, the corporate was ready to drive large client acquisition. have you ever seen the stickers on some cars that scan “I are to Fun’n’Food Village”. they’d place such a sticker on your automobile once you visited this pleasure ground.

How to use it: you would like to search out out some ways that to induce yourself integrated into your customers’ life at a really low or no price. attempt to realize some ways that so your presence is marked within the lifetime of your customers terribly apparently. maybe you’ll be able to offer some incentive to them for mentioning you or showing them exploitation your product on their social media; or the other offline media.

It’s your flip currently. does one conjointly apprehend some attention-grabbing growth hacks or have you ever with success used one? allow us to and therefore the alternative readers apprehend in an exceedingly comment below and let all get pleasure from it.