Here’s the 20th batch of 500 Startups companies

500 Startups’ last class can be presenting next week, which means that the firm is already current obtaining another new class up and running.

The majority of the startups within the 20th batch comprises digital health, financial technology and corporations that provide technology and address unskillfulness at intervals the govt.. It’s, naturally, particularly timely. More than a 3rd of the businesses during this batch return from outside the U.S..

Here’s a quick summation of the businesses within the batch:

AllVirtuous —

On-demand investigation platform to fight counterfeit products through crowdsourcing.

Alta5 —

An event-driven automation platform for mercantilism the monetary markets.

BenRevo —

Digitally connects insurance carriers, brokers, and employers.

Bloom Credit —

Takes a data driven approach to rising the monetary health and eligibility of loan candidates.

Boon — An AI-powered referral recruiting network that helps corporations rent talent in their employees’ social networks.

Cadence —

An API for connecting language interpreters with businesses.

Clanbeat —

A current feedback tool for monthly performance reviews targeted at managers.

Court Buddy —

A technical school platform that matches users with solo attorneys primarily based on their budget.

Cybewrite —

A machine learning solution for cyber insurance underwriting and valuation.

Digital Mortar —

Full customer path pursuit for brick and mortar retailers.


Trains students to trade in financial markets, and uses machine learning to connect them with employers.

FinCheck —

A conversational finance larva.

FriendlyData —

A natural language interface for databases.

Funderful —

Online fundraising package for universities.

Govlist —

Optimizes government purchasing through document automation and analytics.

Halo Home —

Smart home security

Hyphen —

A real-time, anonymous employee listening platform investing machine learning to give timely recommendations to Management and hour.

Littlefund —

A smart savings and gift tool for teaching youngsters monetary skills. —

A monitoring and pursuit platform that optimizes your welfare and supplement routine.

Mycroft —

Am open source various to Siri and Alexa.

Nazar —

Agent-less database performance observation.

Numina —

A sensing platform that uses computer vision to deliver period insights from streets and build cities additional responsive.

Obie (Tasytt Inc.) —

A Slackbot for accessing team data.

Optimity —

Reduces preventable drug claims prices for employers through a digital health coaching job program.

Orderly Health —

An AI-powered caretaker to facilitate workers navigate their tending.

Preteckt —

A hardware and software resolution that uses machine learning to predict vehicle breakdowns before they price you cash.

Printivo —

One-stop online print search for African designers and business to order quality prints and selling collateral.

Raxar Technology Corporation —

An intelligent information management platform that allows enterprise and government agencies to scale back prices, track critical assets, and optimize complex workflows.

Regard —

Offers income insurance on-line, enabling people to get money edges once they’re too sick or separated to figure.

SentiSum —

An AI analytics resolution serving to enterprises leverage all their client opinion information.

Shoelace —

associate degree AI assistant that helps e-commerce merchants launch retargeting campaigns on social media.

Skeyecode —

Authentication software primarily based on a replacement cryptography theme.

Text To Ticket —

Pays for user-submitted videos that catch texting and driving in the act.

TopDocs —

A software platform for hospitals to boost revenue from medical business enterprise.

TrueCare24 —

One stop shop for complete medical aid delivered to home for preferred ones.

UrbanLogiq —

Applies machine-learning analytics to make urban planning quicker, cheaper and more correct.

WellTrack —

On-demand online medical aid for stress, anxiety and depression to open access to mental health care.

Win-Win —

A sports gaming platform wherever users play in week-long tournaments to vie for experiences with their favorite professional athletes and influencers, while the entry fee goes to support charitable initiatives.

YayPay —

AI to accelerate cash flow and change accounts assets.

Zyudly Labs —

Provides deep learning powered fraud and cybersecurity solutions for the monetary services business.

VIA Global Health —

A platform that connects individuals in rising markets with medical provides that area unit otherwise inaccessible.

Visabot —

An AI-powered resolution for streamlining U.S. visa process

Smile Identity —

Ties ID documents to a “smart selfie” of a user, creating a universal biometric for authentication on any humanoid device.

Credit Stacks —

Credit cards for building credit history.

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