How to find a technical Co-founder for your startup

In a world wherever startup has virtually become synonymous; How to seek out a technical co-founder for a technical startup, a technical founder or co-founder is an important ingredient for a startup team. It’s quite attainable that associate enterpriser doesn’t have a technical background and therefore the hunt begins for a tech co-founder. however every now and then finding a technical co-founder might prove troublesome than finding an acceptable match for a wedding. Let’s explore some straightforward ways in which to assist you discover a tekki co-founder and that we will consider the way to handle things till you get one.

Finding a technical co-founder
The a lot of familiar with you’re with someone, the higher become the probabilities of exploring the chances to form him a co-founder. thus let your search begin at intervals your network. Post the necessity to your linked-in, Facebook and alternative social media accounts and let your network apprehend what all you may be trying in your technical co-founder.

Then move to the websites that specifically facilitate in co-founder search, produce your profiles at websites like Startup Weekend, CofoundersLab, Founder2Be and in fact here at Technitab too (you will search a co-founder here, and post a demand here) . once more attempt to post your specific necessities regarding the technical co-founder, it might facilitate screen the proper folks for you.

Let the choices on top of work for you in associate organic method and you’ll be able to act with a bit a lot of active search through face-to-face conferences and creating individual requests to the relevant folks. choose a smaller set of a lot of relevant folks in your social network or your mobile or whatsapp contact list. raise them separately if they’re interested or they may refer someone WHO can be interested to be a technical co-founder. A decision would increase the probabilities of obtaining others’ attention and probably some reference.

Another space for an energetic search is that the startup events. attempt to visit variety of startup events like hackathons, startup weekends et al. going down within the enterpriser community. Be fast and direct in distinguishing and approaching potential candidates at these places. And again, do raise folks for references for potential candidates.

While you discover a technical co-founder
It is noticeably potential that even following the higher than mentioned ways in which you would possibly not notice a technical founder as fast as you’d expect, it’d take few months. will it mean simply} ought to just keep searching for a technical co-founder and keep your plan in a very safe box till you discover one? the solution isn’t any. Here area unit few belongings you will knock off the absence of a technical co-founder.

Although you’re searching for a technical co-founder however begin searching for the probabilities of outsourcing your technical development to freelancers or development corporations. notwithstanding you do not choose this feature within the finish, exploring it might have some edges. The immediate one is that you simply get a good plan of the particular value of the technical development and perhaps a clearer understanding of the skill-set needed for your development activities. it’ll assist you sharpen your search of a technical co-founder and conjointly decide the terms etc. once you discover one.

In a number of the cases the value of outsourcing may take off to be inside your budget and outsourcing the event might appear a more robust choice than looking forward to a co-founder for months. just in case you do not notice paying for development as a possible choice, there area unit another ways in which you’ll be able to still source your development.

There is a brand new breed of freelancers and technical development startups coming back that wish to figure with startups not just for cash however within the capability of a co-founder. These folks may be related to you for an extended or a particular term on a negotiable share of money or equity or each. If you’re so searching for such Associate in Incubators, there area unit folks here within the Technitab community conjointly the agency will facilitate. Attempt posting a comment to the current diary or produce a demand here and these folks will reply to you.