Indians do better on ‘digital civility’ indicators: survey

Though angling is changing into a major concern with even MPs raising the problem within the Parliament last week, a global survey has found that India fares higher than several alternative countries on many indicators of ‘digital civility’.

Indian cyberworld has less online harassment, hate speeches and less chance of an person experiencing sexual risks or solicitation, says a survey by Microsoft among 500 respondents every in fourteen countries. India conjointly has a lower incidence of ‘doing’ (searching for and business enterprise non-public info while not consent).

Interestingly, the survey also reveals that Indian males face additional risks in the cyber world, with 64 % of the respondents coverage associate incident compared to 71 % of women. However women are additional involved concerning risks with sixty-one % modification privacy controls compared to 40% of males, it said.

But India will worse on indicators like ‘swatting’ (hoax calls to emergency services), has more unwanted contacts, and higher incidence of injury to private reputation. The survey, published on web Safety Day, comes amid a growing concern over uncivilised on-line behaviour or angling. The survey says 77 % of the five hundred surveyed Indians rumored cyber-bullying, trolling or on-line harassment. An equal variety were involved concerning unwanted sexual solicitation, sexting, revenge porn or ‘sextortion’.

It said 63 % of domestic respondents rumored having been exposed to associate on-line risk with 44 % experiencing their most up-to-date on-line risk at intervals the past month, which is indicative of higher frequency.

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