Facebook can currently replace your weather app

Facebook is rolling out a useful new feature that puts a full weather forecast within its mobile app and desktop website. The feature is accessible from News Feed or the mobile app’s “More” menu — the section that links you to areas like Friends, Events, Groups, Pages and other key Facebook options like On This Day or Saved things. Within the Weather section, you can read a full forecast for your week ahead, powered by information from Weather.com.

Facebook confirmed that the new feature, an updated version of its earlier “weather greetings,” has launched to around 95 % of its international population as of this week.

This is not the primary time Facebook has toyed with introducing weather information into its service. The company years ago other forecasts to events and public places, and more recently was noticed testing weather updates in its News Feed in the U.K.

A year ago, Facebook also rolled out “weather greetings” in News Feed, which were short, informational weather updates that appeared at the top of your stick in the morning. The new feature is an extension on that. You’ll now see similar messages at the prime of the News Feed with a link to the total, five-day forecast. These News Feed “greetings” will seem on each desktop and mobile, Facebook tells us.

Even if you miss the greeting, you can visit the Weather section within the app, where it exists as a new menu item.

In addition, Facebook will currently provide associate possibility to set notifications for receiving weather reports. The company says that Notifications and also the more elaborate greetings area unit rolling out for tests currently, with all these updates being widely offered by the tip of the month.

The Weather section will default to your current location, but you will click the Settings wheel within the prime right to feature different locations you wish to trace, just like the other weather app. You also will value more highly to show the temperatures in either Fahrenheit or uranologist.

However, you can’t swipe through your multiple locations once they’re set up, as you could in an exceedingly typical app like Yahoo Weather or Apple’s Weather app — instead, if to alter to a distinct location you have to return to the Settings and faucet the one you want to look at.

The weather information provided is fairly basic — it’s simply the highs and lows, along with the overall forecast, like sunny, partly cloudy, etc. At the top of the Weather page, you also will see the daily forecast by the hour, as is common in most weather apps today.

The information for the forecast comes from Weather.com’s API. The site is also connected at all-time low of the screen wherever it says “See a lot of weather data,” followed by an icon indicating a new window can open if clicked.

The cute, cartoon-style heading at the top of the page additionally can update supported the forecast. For example, a rainy day in urban center right away shows an image of deer concealing out beneath a tree. Meanwhile, New York’s currently part cloudy day shows puffy clouds over inexperienced grass, with a bird hiding in the bushes.

This makes the feature feel more customized, and Facebook-like, as the company has used similar drawings in its News Feed informational messages for a few time.

The addition is now one of many new bookmarks Facebook has extended to its mobile app in recent days, following useful utilities like its “Wi-Fi finder,” a new networking (or even dating) section called “Discover People” and currently Weather.

Seemingly, the goal with the new feature is to keep Facebook users within the app by offering them the data they might otherwise ought to rummage around for elsewhere, while additionally providing similar experiences to those that area unit found in different third-party mobile applications today.

Facebook, however, says it’s more concerning delighting users instead.

“We are doing this as a result of our goal is to develop product that connect folks to the items they care concerning most and build moments of joy in people’s day, like simply telling you that it’s going to rain later,” a spokesperson aforesaid.

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