Google notecase can currently mechanically send cash transfers straight to your checking account


Google notecase is obtaining a reasonably not bad update that creates it a additional appealing choice for cash transfers.


The latest version of the mechanical man app can send cash straight to your checking account, whereas antecedently you’d need to enter and manually move it over. This makes Google notecase engaging for those times once you got to split the bill with a gaggle of friends, as they’ll simply text you cash.


According to the changelog, the update conjointly includes the standard spherical of bug fixes and performance enhancements.


The story behind the story: Before there was mechanical man Pay, Google’s payment service was Google notecase. it’s since shifted to a Venmo contender targeted at person-to-person cash transfers, when the corporate retooled its tap-to-pay strategy with mechanical man Pay. Mobile payments could be a pretty crowded  house, however Google’s advantage is that the incontrovertible fact that just about everybody with a mobile device incorporates a Google account.