Instagram’s Snapchat Clone Hasn’t Hurt Snapchat’s User Numbers


A month once Instagram free its the image of Snapchat Stories, Snapchat’s user numbers area unit holding steady, in line with four third-party knowledge suppliers.

The data suppliers — App Annie, Apptopia, detector Tower, and SurveyMonkey — failed to notice any meaty decline in Snapchat’s numbers within the weeks once the introduction of Instagram Stories. thus for people who were fast to consider Instagram Stories a Snapchat killer, the first results counsel it’s going to be knowing rethink that label. It doesn’t seem like Instagram’s variety of users modified once it free Stories, either.

“About a month into the launch of Instagram’s Stories feature, we tend to area unit still not seeing a big increase of your time spent within the app versus Snapchat,” Danielle Levitas, SVP of analysis at App Annie, told BuzzFeed News. “While there area unit many factors that will be tributary to the current, the first stage of adoption by its user base continues to be current.”

Wes McCabe, at detector Tower, aforesaid the trend lines stay an equivalent as before Instagram’s introduction of Stories. knowledge from Apptopia showed no unwell effects on Snapchat in the slightest degree. And Snapchat usage among SurveyMonkey’s panel of over one million United States of America iOS and automaton users conjointly didn’t flinch.

“Our knowledge shows that Instagram Stories hasn’t created any discernible impact on Snapchat. The core usage metrics haven’t budged for either app throughout August,” a SurveyMonkey proponent told BuzzFeed News.

It’s still early within the battle between the 2 distinguished social apps, however the info reveals that Instagram won’t be able to fleetly poach Snapchat’s users by merely adding an equivalent options. It’s currently clear that Snapchat’s users area unit loyal. And if Instagram desires to persuade its rival’s a hundred and fifty million daily users to port their activity over, it’ll got to wait and see.

Snapchat declined to comment. AN Instagram interpreter indicated Facebook can presently introduce even additional options to the app: “We’re excited to envision however quickly Instagram Stories has caught on with the community,” he said. “We’re acting on some exciting new options for the approaching weeks.”