New York subway is giving free ebooks (and Wi-Fi) for your commute

In an endeavor to spotlight its forthcoming launch of additional in-train Wi-Fi (not to be confused with in-train cricket attacks), the ny MTA, Transit Wireless, and business powerhouse sphenisciform seabird Random House have gotten along to unleash ebooks and articles regular to your commute. This project mirrors a product launched in London last year.

As The Digital Reader notes, even Governor Cuomo is in on the fun. “New York’s transportation network should continue adapting to the dynamic desires of its ridership and a key a part of that’s delivering the amenities that became essential parts of daily life,” he said. “Bringing Wi-Fi into underground stations helps riders keep connected throughout their commute, permitting them to ascertain in with friends or family and access news or amusement. We’ve created tremendous progress in modernizing the system and Subway Reads may be a fun thanks to introduce riders to the new Wi-Fi expertise.”‎

Transit Wireless is freely giving many Kindle Fires and that they area unit giving one hundred seventy five short stories and chapters for riders. you’ll even take the stories off the train and higher than ground.

It’s odd that the MTA feels it must advertise its exciting free Wi-Fi provide in any means. Given the previous inconvenience of the system’s uncanny tunnels I figure all you have got to try and do is post a symbol that says “Free Wi-Fi” and folks would jump. However, the ebook giving may be a clever thanks to kick things off and it’s higher than the previous system of caparison and tagging subway weirdos (above) for public exhibition.