Reliance Jio Has 23 Percent Market Share, Second Only to Airtel: Truecaller Report

There is hardly any doubt that Reliance Jio has compact Indian medium trade in an exceedingly substantial way since its launch last year however latest information (July December) from Truecaller communication app has discovered some fascinating facts regarding the service offered by the Reliance Industries-owned medium company. As per Truecaller’s TrueInsights 2016 Special report, Reliance Jio has managed to capture twenty three % of the Indian medium market. Note that this can be a live of the amount of users that have Truecaller put in, and so it does not essentially represent the medium market of Republic of India.

As per alternative information shared within the Truecaller report, the medium decision length registered by Reliance Jio users (less than thirty seconds) is that the shortest among users of all major medium players within the Indian market. apparently, Reliance Jio users also are creating the foremost calls per user out of any of the operators, as seen in TrueInsights 2016 Special report. the info ostensibly suggests that the Reliance Jio users may be facing call-drop problems with the medium operator. “If overlaid with the typical decision length, it will seem to be the info points to some unintended usage patterns, like Jio sims primarily getting used for information or associate exaggerated quantity of born calls and thence redial on the Jio network,” Truecaller aforesaid in its report.

However, things appear brighter for Reliance Jio after we think about web information consumption. Citing another trade report, Truecaller aforesaid that Reliance Jio users have average information consumption thrice above alternative medium operators. This data point is in fact helped by the free information offered by the corporate as a part of the Reliance Jio Welcome and Reliance Jio Happy yr offers.

“42 % of all Indians having 4G handsets square measure mistreatment Jio because the primary supply for information affiliation. Only 17.54 % of 4G users square measure mistreatment Airtel as primary information affiliation supply, whereas Vodafone encompasses a market share of at twelve.26 % and plan has eleven.50 % share,” Truecaller aforesaid citing constant trade report.

As per the TrueInsights report, Vodafone and plan get pleasure from the leading share in metropolis and geographic area severally whereas Reliance Jio and Airtel have even share of usage across all regions. Vodafone users reportable the longest median decision length whereas in terms of regions city users lead the class and Jammu and geographic area fared worst, as per the info.

As you’d expected, the data graphs provided by TrueInsights counsel that the median decision length, range of users, and also the range of calls placed by every user, all exaggerated significantly for Reliance Jio in last 3 months of 2016.

“Mobile web usage is predicted to grow to over five hundred million customers by the tip of 2017 with an oversized portion of these choosing Jio. As a result there is already consolidation discussions among operators in Republic of India as a result of the exaggerated competitive pressures,” Truecaller aforesaid in its report.

It are fascinating to check however these numbers for Reliance Jio can amendment (for higher or worse) when the company’s promotion offers finish and also the commonplace valuation will be place into place.

A recent report by Truecaller for this fall 2016 discovered that Reliance Jio has become the second largest medium player in Republic of India in terms of users, capturing quite twenty three % of the Indian market.

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