Soon Google Will Discontinue The Google Now Launcher For Android

Everyone World Health Organization area unit probing for a pure golem expertise merely has Google’s Nexus and constituent the simplest different. Updated oft and with all the news of golem, area unit the machines of alternative.

But people who cannot or don’t wish to own these Smartphone, have forever relied on Google’s Launcher, ‘Google currently Launcher,’ that gave all the fundamental image and practicality. But, Google can, sadly, take away the Google currently Launcher from the Play Store presently, going no different.

Present in golem since version four.1, this Launcher has long been restricted to the Nexus, being a part of its exclusivity. Slowly Google opened it for the remainder of the golem universe, extending its use.

The end of the Google currently Launcher

But at the tip of these years, and with many updates and enhancements, Google appears to be getting ready to drop and take away it from its Play Store. This info is being emailed to any or all partners mistreatment Google Mobile Services. The message is obvious and indicates that the Google currently Launcher can exit the Play Store. However, Google can still support this software package.

Google conjointly warned that despite going to supply Google currently Launcher, partners will use the “Search Launcher,” which supplies access to analysis and knowledge cards, that should be incorporatedin alternative Launchers, that area unit developed, or What Google makes offered in AOSP.

The unsure Future for the Nexus Launcher

For the foremost makers, this can be an easy drawback to resolve, as a result of several have already got their own Launchers, within the case of Nexus are going to be far more sophisticated.

Google currently Launcher is that the customary launcher for this device for many years, and currently Google has set that it’ll not build it offered the recreate of constituent launcher to them. this transformation can therefore leave these devices unsupported and upgraded. the likelihood exists that Google could amendment its call and build the constituent Launcher for the Nexus 6P and 5X that is already offered on golem seven.1.2.

It is conjointly potential that the technical school large Google will with the constituent Launcher, yes, the technical school large Google can even build it offered on the Play Store for everybody to use.

It is still premature to make sure, however Google won’t wish to own a powerful presence during this market, guaranteeing that searches area unit wiped out its computer programmer which users use their services, mistreatment this Launcher.

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