IoT continues to be important for firms – but concepts outpacing reality right now

More than four in 5 respondents to a survey from Ventana analysis say the net of Things (IoT) is very important to their future operations.

The analysis identifies the most effective practices and trends for the IoT and operational intelligence technologies and processes.

Alongside the eighty-one UN agency cited the importance of the IoT, sixty-one same that its use is incredibly vital to hurry up the flow of data and improve the latency of their business processes. fifty-eight same its key to hurry up the flow of data to customers and customers.

However, the intentions of organisations to embrace IoT and use operational intelligence usually surpass their current capabilities. Quite 2 thirds (68%) same they’re happy or somewhat happy with their organisation’s ability to capture and correlate knowledge from events. After that, managing and victimization it becomes a lot of difficult. 31 reported difficulties with inadequate knowledge or in managing external knowledge. 48 same they pay the foremost time reviewing event knowledge for quality and consistency problems.

“This analysis confirmed that organisations area unit clench this new technology, however several lack the mandatory capabilities,” same David Menninger, Ventana SVP of analysis. “The biggest space of struggle for corporations adopting IoT may be a lack of resources to integrate and apply this new technology.”

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