How startups are taking to the disruptive phenomena called IoT

A tap on your phone screen and you’ll switch on/off the switches in your house, have mobile access to your office’s police investigation cameras, these are a number of the facilities that web of Things has future for a future that is round the corner. As clamour grows in favour of web of Things or IoT, the much-debated topic has arrived into the business sphere and firms are fast to grab the maximum amount market share as attainable. Here are a number of corporations United Nations agency have already taken to successive troubled innovation.


B2B startup, Scanalytics has developed a SoleSensor pad which will live the footfalls in retail stores, thereby providing time period analytics regarding performance during a specific store, region and even zone.


A second stage startup, IFTT has developed Associate in Nursing innovative app that maintains a network of association between good devices. All you need is an internet-enable mobile device to manage all different gadgets or functionalities within the house. IFTTT realise that a serious challenge within the field of IoT was that specialis apps are need to manage every good device via the net. Hence, they came up with a unified app which might management most devices. Wouldn’t it’s cool if you’ll activate your microwave simply in time to heat your food whereas you come from work.

214 Technologies

This company boasts of a smart doorbell named ‘Chui’ which uses facial recognition in place of keys, radio frequency chip and passcode to unlock a door. Moreover, unlike other smart lock systems, ‘Chui’ also offers audio-video captures along with notifications option on Android and iOS devices. 214 Technologies’s innovative locking system can be programmed to open doors to a select list of pre-fed visitors as well.


Did you know we spend about 55 minutes on an average in a day looking for things we kept somewhere and forgot? That amounts to around five days every year which we lose without any productivity. Sensegiz, an Indian startup, uses this appealing and innovative pitch to market their products and services. The platform has come up with a small sensor of dimension that can be hook on to any surface like your car keys, home keys, and so on. The sensors have small removable batteries and also Bluetooth communication system. Hence, you can find anything with the help of these sensors without wasting any time.

These startups have concentrated their efforts and R&D to reinvent ways to facilitate ease of business and living, putting the focus on the phenomena – called IoT — that is about to hit the technological shores.

and through which by which life focus on using technology to solve every-day problems of life in innovative ways show that IoT is the next big revolution in the world today. Such IoT ideas have helped many companies generate recurring revenue, and enhance products which already exist. Their business philosophy of ‘connectivity’ has certainly helped create a niche for them in the world.

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