Solar-powered timber tower focuses on flexibility

Tall timber construction is on the rise, but if you are not however convinced it is a smart plan Solar-powered, then perhaps Patch22, designed by Frantzen et al architected, may modification your mind. Located in Dutch capital, Netherlands, the wooden high-rise ticks all the right boxes: tempting, sustainable and on top of all versatile, it allows residents to fancy no matter layout they need – even to the purpose of swing their bathtubs on the balconies.

Its name a play on Catch 22, Patch22 rises to a height of 30 m (98 ft), making it the tallest wood housing building within the Netherlands. It comprises a total floor space of 5,400 sq m (58,125 sq ft).

The residential units were therefore empty and have hollow floors that square measure simply upraised so that wiring and plumbing may be accessed and adjusted to suit the layout that the house owners need. In addition, due to a deal the developers made with the planners, the residential building can be used as AN office block within the future if this becomes advantageous.

Patch22’s south-facing loggia balconies sport folding glass sheets to flip the areas into a winter garden, making them one thing of a sun lure – therefore abundant so many outgoing varieties have taken it upon themselves to put in bathtubs out there.

The high-rise features a Solar-powered panel array on the roof which produces electricity, sending any excess juice back to the grid (and, presumably, drawing from the grid too if the Solar-powered falls short).

A rainwater assortment system feeds the bogs and under floor heating is fed by a chamber in the basement that runs from pellets derived from timber waste. However, there are additionally stoves within a number of Patch22’s residences.

You still can’t extremely mention a wood high-rise while not the question of fireside springing up, but it’s so much from a punk box.

“Fire regulations were met with by merely enlarging all the wood dimensions,” explains the company in a very promulgation. “In case of fire the outer layer of wood will dissipate and can shield the structurally necessary wood by charring for up to one hundred twenty minutes. It is the primary dwelling within the Netherlands to use this approach and so to form it potential to expertise the part qualities of wood in a very high-rise building.”

Treehugger’s Lloyd Alter additionally reports that Patch22 options a concrete floor system that was enforced due to price considerations.

Patch22 was completed last year for €6.4 million (roughly US$6.85 million). Frantzen et al architected has teamed up with H20 installation consultancy & building management, which additionally worked on this project, to build an same building nearby. Dubbed Top-Up, this new building is due to break ground in June of this year.

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