Tele2 IoT launches cloud-based router solution

Tele2 AB (Tele2), these days announces the launch of a replacement cloud-based routing answer – 2ROUTE. 2ROUTE makes it potential to orchestrate (collect, route and manage) all science information, from multiple cellular service suppliers, in one single interface. Creating information management easier, smarter and a lot of efficient.

Today several enterprises area unit forced into an infrastructure provided by multiple suppliers for reasons of value optimisation, restrictive compliance and network coverage. This results in multiple IT and network integrations, imposes a management burden and introduces extra overhead prices. 2ROUTE helps enterprises to beat all of that by providing one management and routing platform for all science traffic, across completely different cellular IoT deployments. With a set of API’s and net self-service, enterprises can get instant access and also the ability to put together the network settings of their IoT deployments simply.

2ROUTE is made with the newest technology and deployed on high of a extremely ascendable cloud infrastructure. Fitting secure personal IoT infrastructure, that usually takes a telecommunication operator four to twelve weeks, will currently be drained minutes. 2ROUTE conjointly permits enterprises to isolate elect information by fitting secure sub-networks.

Using 2ROUTE can bring advantages to differing kinds of enterprises. Imagine a fleet management application wherever end-customers get the flexibility to directly access and manage their sub-fleet of devices as if they need a non-public secure network, while the supplier of the fleet management service doesn’t ought to bear the trouble of configuring this themselves. Or a start-up company with an information intense giving that rather than taking the danger in finance in infrastructure will use a 2ROUTE infrastructure-as-a-service answer, paying as they grow and releasing resources for alternative business investments. Variety of Tele2 IoT customers have already started testing the answer so as to expertise its business advantages.

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