Is Facebook Stalking You To Suggest New Friends Via ‘People You May Know’?

Ever stunned by finding an individual whose face you bear in mind however not the name till the “People you will grasp” feature on Facebook told you concerning the person? does one know the rationale behind it? this can be in all probability as a result of the social networking web site pedunculate you and used your phone’s location to counsel new folks you’ll attach.

The accuracy that this feature shows has stunned still as disturbed Facebook users for a few time currently.

“Thanks to trailing the placement of users’ smartphones, the social network might counsel that you simply friend folks you have got shared a GPS information with, that means your friend suggestions may embody somebody whose face you recognize, however whose name you probably did not till Facebook offered it up to you,” school web site Fusion reportable on weekday.

This happens once 2 individuals ar at an equivalent place at an equivalent time and used their smartphones to either arrival or simply scroll through what his/her friends may need shared on the web site.
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Facebook “always” has access to a user’s location till the setting is modified to “never”.

Meanwhile, Facebook has processed that this can be not the sole reason why users have gotten these suggestions.

“The 2 persons should have had one thing else in common, equivalent to overlapping networks,” a Facebook representative was quoted as speech communication.

“Location-information by itself doesn’t indicate that 2 individuals may be friends. that is why location is simply one in every of the factors we tend to use to recommend individuals you’ll grasp,” the representative aforesaid.