Kids app maker Duck Duck Alces alces joins Khan Academy

Sequoia-backed children academic startup Duck Duck Alces alces is heading to Khan Academy, to feature educational institution learning to the non-profit’s digital education offerings. The startup’s twenty one mobile apps aimed toward kids ages 2 and up area unit currently accessible at no cost as a locality of the move, that isn’t technically being thought of associate “acquisition,” because of the manner the deal was funded.

Instead, the 9-person Duck Duck Alces alces team are guilty of a replacement initiative within Khan Academy, aimed toward developing early learning product. just like the non-profit’s different initiatives, this too are funded by philanthropic support and different community donations. Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment company is that the initial to underwrite the new initiative with a $3 million grant.

Founded back in 2008 Holy Roman Emperor Hu Flexer, erst of IDEO, husband Michael Flexer, World Health Organization has intensive startup expertise, and designer Nicci Gabriel, Duck Duck Alces alces is that the maker of a number of the higher kids’ apps on the App Store.

Even in associate App Store crowded with selections, Duck Duck Moose’s code cared-for stand out because of its quality style and skill to have interaction kids with apps engineered from the ground-up victimisation original IP, content, drawings, animation and music. several of the apps featured fashionable kids’ songs, like “Wheels on the Bus,” “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” or “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” let’s say, whereas others centered on learning material like science, writing system or reading.

To date, its twenty one apps are downloaded quite ten million times.

Previously paid applications, by change of integrity Khan Academy, Duck Duck Moose’s applications can currently be created freely accessible, broadening their reach.

“We’re change of integrity Khan Academy as a result of it’s the simplest manner for United States to possess the biggest impact on early learning and kids,” same Holy Roman Emperor Hu Flexer, during a statement. “We’re excited to create all of our product free so that they will be accessible to kids everywhere the planet, in spite of their money resources.” She additional that Duck Duck Moose’s original investors, cypress and Lightspeed, helped to create the donation happen.