Lenovo 48TB SSD Board Unveiled For all of your Storage needs

Lenovo has this week unveiled a brand new SSD Board they are presently constructing, that’s equipped of helping a ability up to 48TB in size. The brand new Lenovo 48TB SSD Board is predicted to be launched throughout the center of 2017 and will fit in a space for 2 common 2.5-inch storage drives.

The Lenovo 48TB SSD Board is in a position of supplying vastly more storage than is presently available using two Samsung PM1633A stable state drives (SSD) which offer 15.36TB each and every an fit within the equal slots.

Seagate, Toshiba, NxGn data, and Amphenol are serving to Lenovo strengthen the SSD Board technology, as part of a software called mission Spark and Lenovo is developing the board in its research labs. The SSD board isn’t aimed toward laptop PCs but at servers and hardware running functions equivalent to databases and analytics, mentioned Jonathan Hinkle, senior researcher at Lenovo. Hinkle also teased that relying upon the design and chip style used it possibly possible to add greater than 48TB to the boards.

Regrettably no know-how on pricing or worldwide availability has been released as yet by Lenovo for the 48TB SSD Board, however as soon as expertise involves mild we can preserve you up-to-date as perpetually.