Minimum broadband speeds proposed to increase by way of 4 times

In August 2014, the government expanded the minimal broadband speed from 256Kpbs to 512Kbps.

The Indian government is planning to develop the minimal broadband velocity to 2Mbps—about four times the present minimal broadband speeds of 512Kpbs. In August 2014, the government extended the minimal broadband speed from 256Kpbs to 512Kbps.

In keeping with a file by way of economic occasions, IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad proposed to absorb the subject with the ministry of communications. Prasad said that the government will remember laying down a policy for growing the minimum broadband pace from the current phases.

The stories suggests that the upward thrust in the startup ecosystem throughout India, supply of various customer services by way of cell apps, equivalent to taxis, social media and on-line retail, are among the reasons in the back of this move.

Consistent with the State of the internet file by Akami, India has the slowest typical web connection in Asia at a max of 2.8Mbps, whilst the global traditional is just about thrice that determine at 6.3Mbps.