10 Android Apps which can Make iOS Users Envious

Obviously the initial order of task once you get a brand new smartphone is to put in the app most popular one. But typically you would possibly be intimated enough from wherever to start out with the new device if you’re long-time Google fan craving for the gathering of all the vital apps it follows. Although it has the foremost vital advantage i.e. 10 Android Apps provides convenience to grab all the apps from the previous phone.

Previously I jotted down unimaginable options of IOS that will create robot app users jealous however there somewhat few changes within the situation when the invasion of fantastic robot app invaded the play store of the device.

Today not solely IOS development corporations gave the most superb app, but high robot app development corporations have return up with the most unimaginable robot apps. Although their area unit unmanageable variety of robot apps however most of them area unit not worthy enough to be downloaded.

So, here I have jotted down the foremost essential apps which area unit eligible enough to induce the previous house inside your robot device:


AirDroid is one of the foremost amazing remote management system for Android-specific devices. Although the desktop version might not extremely influence be the various for the online interface however it possesses the foremost powerful options, for more instance remote management within the real-time. It has ensured the integration of the desktop with smartphone’s substantial information, in order to alleviate the scenario of sterilisation the devices till it’s fully needed.

Particularly, it provides with the remote vision and management of the phone’s screen at the real-time, with acceptable and balanced quality and lag. Simultaneously, it helps to browse menus and mouse can be wont to management robot remotely.


In order to stay Android device safe particularly on public wi-fi then ExpressVPN is taken into account to be the foremost trusty one within the virtual non-public network business with the secured complete. Since it is supplied with 256-bit military grade encryption. It encapsulates the essential internet traffic encrypted inside the tunnel that will effectively defend it from the attackers.

Certainly it avoids to cap with the information measure and allows to watch ultra- streaming videos and share with the essential heart’s content. The app is distinguishable sense it provides with 5-star customer care on with the money-back guarantee inside thirty days. It is also associate app with cost-efficiency since with one subscription it allows to support at the same time 3 different devices.


There are some things once you need to be connected and bound times once you don’t desire. But possessing a cellular phone can change anyone to decision you.

So here it comes, Llama that provides the customisation of the notification. And even intensifies further by sanctioning customisation on the basis of the situation. For example, you are engaged with the work, then with the help of this app it mechanically change the alerts and solely restricted folks can get your availableness. So, on the entirety associate app is set to dam the decision if if you don’t need to induce yourself daunted whereas busy with the work.

This app is something on the far side a mere app. It manages to set up the sync with the Bluetooth earphone to the device for once you awaken, the device is also ready for the morning run.


1weather may be thought-about to be the foremost stunning and intensely powerful weather app. It provides with the perfect mix with the casual users and heavy weather watcher likewise. It gives a look with the intense knowledge simply a faucet or swipe away. Is enabled to support the countless locations worldwide and at the same time it allows to trace the forecast and current condition to induce the important time update as so much as “My location” worries. It an elaborated look no matter the temperature, Doppler measuring device, precipitation forecast and even cover the current phases of heavenly bodies likewise.


LastPass an application that let the users to carry the LastPass knowledge around any corner. This data will be used and unbarred solely with the assistance of the e-mail address and countersign likewise. There are numerous strategies wherever LastPass will be used:

In order to fill android apps and sites likewise in Chrome which needs robot four.1 with addition of copy/ paste buttons and robot four.3 in order to auto fill and Chrome

By opening LastPass vault on Android-specific smartphone

By sharing site entries and smartphones as well

LastPass extension can be used for Dolphin HD browser.

It offers an extension for FireFox mobile on the robot device, but it ensures restricted practicality as well.

1Tap Cleaner

An application that cleans all cache, calls log, search histories, SD card and default settings.

In case you’re running out of the appliance storage? It can change to make additional storage by clearing apps created through knowledge files.

Their area unit five cleaner that are accommodated in this app. It includes Cache cleaner, Call/Text log cleaner, History Cleaner help to get additional free house inside the interior phone storage by improvement up knowledge files, cached files and navigation history.

1-tap enables to clear all Cache, call logs, and search history and doesn’t require to ROOT the phone anymore!!

The app is crucial enough who area unit finite with memory management problems.


A subscription based service that is supercharged the email with power options like Snooze, Read Receipts, Send Later, Sender Profile and more across the robot Phone, Tablet that comes with a trial of fourteen days.

It available at in-app subscription $4/month. It maintains the sync with Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, iCloud, Office 365 and all IMAP accounts. Although it supports all the calendar for Google apps, Gmail, and Exchange and manages the email and calendar without change between the 2 apps. Newton serves with various reasons in must-have’s robot app, for instance instant push notifications all told kind of email, Read receipts, can be sent later, snooze, connectivity between apps, Undo Send etc.

WPS Office

It is considered to be one in all the foremost used workplace apps as so much as robot apps area unit involved. It is considered to be the tiniest app that is all-in-one workplace suite app that focuses on serving to out fast & simple to be created, editing of workplace documents and even preparation at any purpose of time and anyplace on the robot Phone and tablets likewise.

WPS office V9.9 that is thought-about to be the most recent version that absolutely support the most recent robot seven.0 with Naugat OS. It provides with Free PDF converter and PDF reader, Documents encryptions, power saving, and even supports making presentation on –the-go.

Nova Launcher

This considered to be the extremely customizable, performance driven and considered to be the highest launcher of the advanced robot, and also to embrace full material throughout. It replaces with one get replaced with home screen which can simply be controlled and might be custom. And also enhance to amendment the icons, animations, and layout as well.


An app that place any article, video and pretty much something which might be keep into pocket and might directly save from the browser or from app like Flipboard, Twitter, Pulse and Zite as well. If something is in Pocket then it’s inside the phone, tablet or any different device. It does not explore for any net affiliation.
So these apps have return up by the high robot mobile application development corporations that have with success modulated its steps which might create IOS app users covetous.

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