6 New Features In Android N You Must Know About

Google proclaimed its re-creation of golem software, golem N within the recent Google IO. The update is in beta without delay and other people United Nations agency own a picture element C pill or any of the recent Nexus phones will install it. Here square measure a number of the new options of golem N:

1. Improved Multitasking
One of Google’s main focus for golem N has been multitasking. The cards in multitasking read square measure currently larger with additional details. the smallest amount used apps within the multitasking window square measure currently mechanically closed and solely seven of the recent most used apps square measure shown instead. Another addition may be a ‘close all’ button, that existed in several custom versions of golem for a few time currently. Also, currently you’ll be able to double faucet on the mulittasking button and switch to your recently used app, just like the Alt-Tab in Windows.

2. higher Notifications
The notification panel currently gets a brand new look with denser and wider style with smaller icons. you’ll be able to currently expand notifications and take actions with very little buttons gift eliminating the requirement for swiping actions as within the previous versions. Long pressing on notification from a selected app can allow you to currently management however you may receive alerts from the app in future. you’ll be able to opt for whether or not to show them taciturnly within the future or block them altogether.

3. Instant Apps
Instant apps allow you to access practicality of apps while not downloading them. once you got to access sure practicality of associate degree app, Google Play can transfer some little elements required for a short expertise. For now, this expertise appears restricted to net primarily based apps.

4. Daydream
Daydream is Google’s next step into video game once Google Cardboard. it’s a brand new golem power-driven platform that succeeds its Cardboard initiative. Future phones are going to be Daydream certified with specific show and sensors and that they can work with VR headsets.

5. Split-Screen
Android N supports the split-screen. This feature has been gift in several Samsung devices for a time currently. Long pressing on the multitasking button currently provides you the hospitable run 2 apps aspect by aspect on your golem phone. this is often one amongst the simplest ways that to require advantage of the larger screens on several phones and tablets.

6. Night Mode
The Night Mode in golem N permits user dark theme across the device throughout night. It conjointly applies a chromatic tint so as to suppress the blue light-weight returning from the dislpay. The feature conjointly lowers brightness mechanically betting on the time of the day.