Apple’s Leaked Keynote Invitation Unveiled The Next Awesome Feature Of iPhone 8

As Apple’s released the seventh version of the iPhone, it began to emerge the first rumors concerning successive model of Apple. There has been a talk of the many options, but one of that recurrently arises is that the arrival of wireless charging feature for the iPhone eight.

The certainties of this functionality were close to zero, but the new info comes to offer new weight to the present risk. The invitation to the next Keynote appears to point out that the iPhone can become independent from of the cables.

Still, more than 6 months area unit left for successive Apple’s Keynote, where the company can introduce the new iPhone, but already there is info current concerning this event, which info could have shown additional than Apple supposed.

According to a tweet from brand, a manufacturer of covers for the iPhone and other high Smartphone’s, the 2017 model will bring concerning a long-awaited amendment. The published image is supposed to be the new invite to Keynote to gift the iPhone and also the arrival of the wireless charging.

So, after removing the audio port from iPhone, it is now time to conjointly take away the charging port yet, at least from this we may assume that this can be what the school large Apple may well be thinking.

This is not exactly a novelty and since last year began to emerge the primary rumors that Apple is getting ready to bring the wireless charging feature to iPhone 8.

The technology that Apple’s will use is way from what’s already commonplace seen on Smartphone’s, betting on loading at bigger distances, using the technology Watt Up. This is a wireless charging technology that, unlike the existing technology, it does not need contact with the charging base, if the device is placed next to the base.

It is still too early to verify any of those rumors, but it is legendary that the school large Apple is getting ready novelties that may create the iPhone’s 10th-anniversary model one thing utterly totally different from what the competition has within the market.

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