Apple’s next iPhone might price quite $1000 because of OLED displays

Apple’s iPhone rumor season is upon us — as if it ever ends — and the latest claims that successive iPhone can value upwards of $1000 (at least, for the most expensive model).

To be clear, that isn’t a huge deal considering that the top-of-the-line iPhone presently prices over $900. Still, Fast Company reports that Apple could be change from liquid crystal displays to AN OLED display, which would value the corporate many to form the phone. The report also cites sources as expression that the memory in the next iPhone are upgraded, another contributing issue to the rising value.

This forthcoming phone represents 10 years of the iPhone, leading many to believe that Apple could decision it “iPhone X.”

Rumors suggest that the next flagship iPhone can live in at five.8-inches, which is a bit larger than the iPhone 7 and.

Diverging a bit from the present strategy, the next iPhone is claimed to be released aboard 2 models that square measure same size because the iPhone 7 (4.7-inch) and iPhone 7 and (5.5-inch), which can possible be known as the Apple’s iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S and severally.

Trusted KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Quo wrote late last year that solely the iPhone eight (or iPhone X) can go with the new OLED show.

Along with the new show and therefore the larger size, rumors suggest that the back of the phone are the product of glass, and that the edges of the phone are the product of chrome steel and not aluminum.

But maybe a lot of exciting is that Apple could be ditching the house button, placing it underneath the show for a totally bit interface. In fact, sources are claiming that the next iPhone might not have any physical buttons, instead using touch-sensitive parts of metal for the volume/lock buttons.

Of course, Apple isn’t expected to announce the next Apple’s iPhone until Fall 2017, so nothing is set in stone. But if the OLED rumors in explicit hold true, you might need to start prepping your checking account for a rather costlier purchase return September.

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