Don’t miss the 2016 Google Play Indie Games Festival!

One specific game genre that has increased in quality over the past years is that the indie genre. Indie games ar generally small-scale applications that ar created by atiny low cluster of people, or maybe one person. The developers have little funding and resources, that leaves the fate of the sport entirely within the developer’s hands. As a result, Indie games ar a number of the foremost various that one will realize on the Play Store.

To recognize and encourage the Indie developer community, Google is hosting the Google Play Indie Games pageant. The pageant, that takes place on the twenty fourth of Sept, can showcase a large type of Indie games. a number of the apps that may air show are suppressed to the final public at that point.

The pageant runs for the whole lot of the day and can be hosted at the Terra Gallery, in urban center.

We’re conjointly excited to announce the games elect to exhibit and contend at the event. From over two hundred submissions, we tend to rigorously picked thirty games that promise the foremost fun and fascinating experiences to attendees. Fans can have an opportunity to play a range of indie games not nevertheless accessible publically.

Entrance is free, and anyone gift can have a chance to vote for his or her favorite game. you would like to register here initial before the day. there’s a prize up for grabs for attendees.