On the off chance that you acquired the Samsung cosmic system note 5 that was discharged a couple of months back, you may ponder at this point, what’s in store from the Samsung universe note 6 to be discharged in 2016.

On the off chance that you claim a note 5 then you ought to know it has an inner memory of 32/64 GB, has a battery force of 3,000mAh, a 16 uber pixel back camera and a 5 super pixel front camera, an octa-center processor, an android 5.1 candy which is still not that normal, and other cool elements. Despite the fact that the specs of the world note 5 is very great and may be sufficient for a few people, others can’t resist the urge to need a superior and all the more remarkable gadget.

Despite the fact that we as a whole know the universe note 6 is set to be discharged in the second 50% of 2016, and we clearly know it will be superior to the note 5, the vast majority still don’t comprehend what’s in store from all gadget.

Here is a rundown of what you ought to anticipate from the upcoming Samsung system note 6:

  1. 6 inches show the screen which is not that not quite the same as that of a system note 5.
  2. A 4k determination screen that is higher and clearer than the normal 1080 pixel HD screen, in this manner promising a perfect presentation.
  3. A 3.1 GHZ 16 center processor which is two times speedier than that of the cosmic system note 5.

A 8 super pixel front camera. 2 user pixels superior to anything its ancestor.

  1. A 30 super pixel back camera which is just about two times that of the cosmic system note 5, and this implies better and clearer pictures and video, and in higher determination as well.
  2. 8 gigabytes of ram, which is two times that of note 5. With a ram this high you can abstractly run (just about) all the applications in your gadget in the meantime and not stress over the any of the applications power shuttings, in truth you never need to stress over slacking.
  3. Inside capacity going from 32 to 128gb, which is a redesign from the most extreme of 64gb found in the system note.
  4. A smaller scale SD card supporting gadget, as an absence of SD card backing is as of now one of the defects of the system s7.
  5. The all new USB port c which is a thin connector that can fit into cell phones, tablets, and portable workstations.
  6. An Android 6.0 marshmallow working framework.
  7. We hope to see A 5200 MAH battery none removable to control the gadget.
  8. We hope to see a quick charging battery. Quicker than that of the Samsung world note 5.
  9. We likewise expect the world note 6 to be the principal water safe gadget of the arrangement.

There are a mess more increments we plan to find in the up and coming Samsung system note 6, some might be superior to anything we trust, others may not be up to our desires. Yet, one thing we would all be able to concede to is that we want to see a staggering gadget when it is discharged.