Google Pixel’s Audio Distortion Issue Reportedly Fixed With February Security Update

Google Pixel’s seems to have finally fastened one among the problems that are plaguing the audio output of the part and part XL smartphones. Several Reddit users square measure tell that the latest February golem security update appears to mend the audio distortion issue. The audio distortion issue was first reported last year and caused the Google part as well as part XL to supply static distortion at 3 highest levels of volumes. The audio issue was reportedly not dependent on the output source of the sound and bestowed itself even once the phone was connected to speakers.

The fix will be a relief for plenty of users WHO were experiencing the problem and particularly once Google acknowledged that the problem was a hardware issue and not a code one. 9to5google further points out those part users on Verizon square measure conjointly receiving fix for decision pop issue whereas the French telephone is connected to the Honda Bluetooth automobile kit.

The audio distortion issue is one of the several issues that have plagued Google’s first self-branded smartphone. Some of the reported problems embrace major chilling camera and interface problems, early battery shutdown problems, LTE connectivity problems, and issues with golem file transfer app for waterproof.

Google recently released its monthly golem security update for the month of February for its part and Nexus devices. The February security update enclosed 2 patch levels – the initial was discharged on February one an it fastened essential security vulnerability that might alter remote code execution on an affected device through media files. The second patch level string was released on February five that fastened the rest of problems.

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