Moto Z DROID’s initial OTA update brings the July security patch



The Moto Z DROID is obtaining its initial OTA update on. It’s showing as version MCL24.246-36, and its 436MB file size is sufficiently big to form US assume some serious changes area unit aboard. sadly, we’re undecided what all those changes is also as a changelog has nevertheless to be discovered.


Motorola’s own word to this point is that it includes “enhancements, enhancements and therefore the latest automaton security updates”. That’s run of the mill, of course. What we are able to tell you is that the protection level for the device is dated July first, which suggests Motorola remains a handful of months behind the curve with September’s patch looming.



This is planning to be a factor for them, and they’re not back regarding admitting it. once it absolutely was originally discovered that the Moto Z DROID and Force DROID were on the might security patch well into July, Motorola chalked it up to their own inability to unleash these items on a monthly basis and stood by their call to rope security patches into their care rollouts, notwithstanding those patches area unit months late.


Knowing their stance, you’ll be able to either place up with it or like better to escort another company. That’s to not absolve them from such a unsatisfactory normal, however they’ve created their selection and currently you’ve got to form yours. Head to the Settings menu if you would like to drag the upgrade down.